Translation of motivation in Spanish:


motivación, n.

Pronunciation /ˌmoʊdəˈveɪʃ(ə)n/ /məʊtɪˈveɪʃ(ə)n/

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  • 1

    motivación feminine
    • An interviewer wants to gauge your enthusiasm and motivation in wanting a job there.
    • Socialism could only become a reality if the majority of people had the desire and motivation to fight for it.
    • I just hope that this enthusiasm and motivation grows, and we don't see all he has to give too soon.
    • What does this do to a young man of little education, to his desire and motivation?
    • The students all showed extreme motivation and interest in it.
    • Intrinsic motivation is the desire to take part in an activity for its own sake.
    • Since the disaster it's been a constant challenge to maintain motivation and morale.
    • She'd let us stay because we had motivation and good humour and spirit.
    • In his mind it has given him the added drive and motivation to do better.
    • All in all, the Government is the poorer for the loss of her drive, motivation and intelligence.
    • While they lack any motivation to be good, they intensely desire to appear good.
    • Other possibilities include job satisfaction, motivation and the experience of work generally.
    • The course will include the study of motivation, emotion and personality.
    • Thinking like this will make your learning more personal, and this will increase your motivation.
    • The hypothalamus is one of the most important parts of the brain, involved in many kinds of motivation, among other functions.
    • For a short while I lived my life this way, I had no motivation to change it either.
    • I finished my intermediate, but realised that I had no motivation to continue.
    • While the best students will always excel and achieve, added motivation can be provided by prizes such as this.
    • Leadership, strategic thinking and motivation are considered to be the key qualities of an effective CEO.
    • I lost any small amount of motivation I had to study after she became ill.
  • 2

    (of others)
    motivación feminine
  • 3

    motivo masculine
    móvil masculine formal
    • I am suggesting that we are wrong to dismiss their motivations and reasoning out of hand as trivial and aberrant.
    • It is also essential to understand the reasons and motivations behind such behaviours and cultural norms.
    • For people who have no faith in God, fear of punishment would be a stronger motivation to do good than promise of reward.
    • The question of whether simple life ever arose on Mars is a strong motivation for exploration.
    • It just gave you a stronger motivation for doing what you already knew was right.
    • Although it can be very difficult to give up smoking, many women find pregnancy is a strong motivation.
    • Muslim women wear the hijab for a number of reasons beyond the obvious religious motivations.
    • The motivation for this rationalisation is, however, the serious fiscal crisis in the health care system.
    • What was the motivation behind you going traveling for two months in China & Vietnam a couple of years ago?
    • According to Forbes one of the main motivations is to inspire children to continue with their education.
    • We all know what side they are on, and what their motivations are.
    • It also makes good business sense to query Plato's motivations for writing the Republic.
    • The university needs to reflect on the motivations of its teachers.
    • I've had to fire friends before because they didn't have the same motivations I had.
    • But money remained one of the motivations behind the creation of the new partnership, Ms Phillips admitted.
    • When we later meet Pilate, his motivations are made clear, but the High Priest's are not.
    • What could you possibly know about the motivations that caused these young people to become so angry?
    • Trying to calculate the motivations of others is frustrating precisely because some statements or actions are motiveless.
    • That was probably one of the main motivations in my life.
    • On the other hand, is it wrong to suspect that the ad campaign might have political motivations as well?
    • Her main motivation was a desire to see the old mill working again.
    • Another factor had to do with the presentations, even the motivations.
    • Maduna said anybody was free to petition the Head of State and make a proper motivation as to why they should be pardoned.
    • Simply write a short motivation telling us why your candidate deserves to be honoured as our Woman of the Year.