Translation of motive in Spanish:


motivo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmoʊdɪv/ /ˈməʊtɪv/

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    motivo masculine
    móvil masculine formal
    she acted out of the best of motives lo hizo con la mejor intención
    • his motive was greed actuó movido por la avaricia
    • it's the profit motive that inspires people el afán de lucro es lo que mueve a la gente
    • Then think about the grail motive as a background to the Bruckner Adagio.
    • To cultivate this process, the student should become acquainted with the motive upon which the composition is based.
    • This is the predominant trichord of most sets and functions as a signature motive.
    • It's my favourite time of year and I wanted to evoke the coolness and crispness, especially in the opening motive.
    • For ten minutes, the bass methodically pounds the opening motive into the ground with rigor and exactitude.
    • In its most common meaning, the term idea is used as a synonym for theme, melody, phrase or motive.
    • The introduction is based on a short six-note motive that is treated canonically, first in single notes and then in double notes.
    • This three-note motive can subsequently be detected in almost every bar of the piece, giving it a high degree of unity.
    • My other quibble is that the vigorous minor-mode motive of repeated notes isn't bowed roughly enough.
    • The first movement's contours, both its main motive and its overall shape, do suggest climbing.
    • The harmonic and rhythmic tension in this motive is palpable.
    • There's an ulterior motive behind everything they do.
    • When someone offers you help, must you seek out an ulterior motive behind the gesture?
    • The key ethical and legal point is the intention - the motive behind the act.
    • Detectives are hoping to establish the motive for the murder attempt in the coming days, and will examine the possibility that it may have been drug related.
    • Police have also been carrying out door-to-door inquiries to establish a motive for the murder.
    • More than a month on, police are no closer to finding his killer, or establishing a motive for the murder.
    • Either his motive alone was sufficient reason to suspect him, or it wasn't.
    • In addition to your total lack of evidence, you are unable even to establish a reasonable motive.
    • Details were released as detectives confirmed they now believe there was a sexual motive behind the girl's kidnap and murder.
    • Detectives said yesterday that they had not yet established a motive for the double murder, but believed it might have been linked to a domestic dispute.
    • Mr Locke asks why people are questioning his motives, and the reason is that we have studied him.
    • There is a difference between a reason and a motive.
    • And we tell ourselves that it's all right, that for us it's different, that we have an excuse, a reason, a motive.
    • I confess to having an inherent mistrust of the motives behind the development of GM crops and foods.
    • From this side of the Atlantic, the motives behind this action appear far more self-serving.
    • He says he doesn't know what motives could be behind the leak.
    • There was little attempt to disguise the political motives behind the move.
    • Normally I am very careful before I ascribe such sinister motives to a government agency.
    • Of course there are other possible motives for murder besides a disagreement over business matters.
    • Richardson said that detectives were keeping an open mind about the possible motive for the triple murder.
    • Police believe robbery was the motive for the attack.
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    (The feminine of motor is motriz or motora) motor
    • The change of motion is proportional to the motive force impressed; and is made in the direction of the straight line in which that force is impressed.
    • With the invention of the internal combustion engine, in the late 19th century, new possibilities of motive force became available.
    • It may be powered by hand, pedal, or some other motive force such as a suitably geared lawn mower engine or the electric motor taken from a discarded washing machine.
    • Horses continued to provide the main motive force for commercial uses of the plateau such as grazing until the recent past.
    • The motive force is supplied by sodium or hydrogen ions flowing down a concentration gradient from the outside.
    • Wind turbines, also known as wind mills, use the wind as their motive force.
    • As a consequence, the question of whether the new industry should continue to use gasoline as its motive fuel arose.
    • These flying triangles aren't ready to bear the weight of their own motive energy source.