Translation of mouth in Spanish:


boca, n.

Pronunciation /maʊθ/ /maʊð/

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nounplural mouths

  • 1

    • 1.1(of person, animal)

      boca feminine
      she kissed him on the mouth le dio un beso en la boca
      • her mouth fell open in amazement se quedó boquiabierta / con la boca abierta (del asombro)
      • to open one's mouth abrir la boca
      • he didn't open his mouth all evening no abrió la boca en toda la noche
      • open your mouth wide abra bien la boca
      • to shoot off at the mouth decir disparates
      • As he looked right at me, cigarette teetering on his lower lip with his mouth slightly open, he didn't flinch.
      • He lowered his mouth to her shoulder blade, running his lips lightly over the skin.
      • You can tickle your baby's chin or lower lip so the baby will open its mouth.
      • I yawned widely, and covered my open mouth with my hand.
      • Exerting an absurd amount of force, I clamped my gaping mouth closed.
      • She gasped, her skin paled as she covered her gaping mouth and she backed away.
      • Her wide mouth was twisted into a sneering frown.
      • Her rosebud mouth curved gently into a smile.
      • The corners of the other boy's mouth twitched up.
      • His mother's mouth twitched in annoyance at the mention of the name.
      • The girl's mouth dropped slightly, as she recognized him.
      • Kate shouted as she covered the young woman's mouth with a gloved hand.
      • Brittany patted her mouth with her napkin and laid it neatly on her lap.
      • That person was peering up at her from the first bench and her tiny mouth was set in a hard straight line.
      • One, taken in 1874 from slightly above, is of Ned unshaven, with thin mouth, narrow eyes, and the pinch of poverty.
      • Suddenly her petal pink mouth was on mine and I was in heaven.
      • He stared at me with his darkly speculative eyes and down-turned mouth.
      • He downed the rest of the wine and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.
      • She tried to scream but the hand over her mouth contained a cloth, which seemed to muffle the noise.
      • Cindy wiped her mouth with a napkin and slid her empty plate away from her.

    • 1.2 informal (insolence)

      impertinencia feminine
      that's enough mouth from you! ¡no seas impertinente!
      • I am surprised you never came to visit me at my gym when you were training in Las Vegas since you have so much mouth when it comes to me.
      • ‘He's got a lot of mouth,’ said Miranda.
      • She had a bit too much mouth and not enough brain.

  • 2

    (of bottle) boca feminine
    (of tunnel, cave) entrada feminine
    (of river) desembocadura feminine
    • The Shrine is within a massive cave, the mouth of which is about 150 ft wide.
    • He sees a movement up there, on the slope, near the mouth of the cave.
    • On the opposite bank, just 30 ft from the river and six feet above its normal level, is the wide mouth of the cave.
    • Nothing could be found and the party were on the point of giving up when a soldier spotted soap suds in the sea near the mouth of a cave.
    • We then walked a few kilometres to the mouth of a small cave, which, as I was to find out, went deep into the mountain.
    • During the night, a number of spiders came and wove their webs all across the mouth of the cave.
    • A plastic foam trapdoor covered the mouth of the narrow hole.
    • He pointed to the dark mouth of another underwater cave.
    • The party arrived at the mouth of the cave, and Adrian explained the mission.
    • The frail man simply shook his head and headed for the mouth of the cave.
    • Everything was packed, save for her blankets, and the others were gathered at the mouth of the cave.
    • The cave mouth was high up on the cliff face.
    • The plastic screen Ian had constructed across the mouth of the cave wasn't enough to keep the dust out.
    • The cave is fully 60 feet deep and there are a couple of routes that climb up and around the mouth of this cave.
    • When we got to the cave mouth, I got this uncanny feeling like I'd been there before.
    • Close to the cave mouth, portable generators can be used to power electric lights.
    • There was a stone bridge curving over the creek leading to a wide mouth of a small cave.
    • The clouds parted and the party emerged from the mouth of the small cave.
    • In the old days a man would have sent a gun boat, shown them the glint of cold steel, perhaps blown a few from the mouth of a cannon as an example to the rest.
    • Better results could be obtained by clamping them to the mouths of cannon, and blowing them to pieces.
    • It fits the mouth of the container and is locked tightly.
    • The other uncorks a bottle of chilled beer, and after cleaning the mouth of the bottle with her tongue, she places the beer in my hand.
    • From the mouths of the bottles, big drops of water pop up in time to a complex, computer-controlled, choreographed program.
    • But she just blows them a kiss and licks the froth from the mouth of the bottle.
    • Ben pulled the cork from the mouth of the bottle and leaned forward to help Will drink.
    • Madeleine noticed a few of the red drops on the cream carpet near the mouth of the bottle.
    • She put her lips apprehensively to the mouth of the bottle, and took a large gulp.
    • Glasses with a wide bowl that tapers toward the mouth will allow the aroma of the wine to be released generously.
    • The local governor was asked by the French commander if it would be allowed to fire a salute as it entered the mouth of the river.
    • Anglers in South Africa still target sharks, especially off the long beaches facing the Indian Ocean and in river mouths and estuaries after heavy rain.
    • Fish farmers are also under fire over siting farms close to river mouths.
    • Pilots are qualified professionals who know the river well enough to guide ships through the dangerous sand banks around the mouth of the river.
    • Villages were usually close to the sea and the mouth of a river.
    • Columbia was named after a sailing vessel that operated out of Boston in 1792 and explored the mouth of the Columbia River.
    • One late afternoon at low tide a hundred big sharks passed the beach near the mouth of a tidal river in a feeding frenzy.
    • In a separate incident, a teenager had to be rescued from mud flats at the mouth of the River Wyre.
    • As silt increasingly built up at the river mouth, large ships had to anchor further and further out at sea.
    • A local man says that there is a small village named Adventure near the mouth of a river.
    • Belfast sits at the mouth of the river Lagan and is encircled by green rolling hills.
    • The mouth of the river dumps into Moreton Bay and the Pacific Ocean in northeastern Australia.
    • The coastal boundary cuts across the mouths of all rivers and streams.
    • In winter, the Mew Gull inhabits coastal waters, and is commonly found in estuaries, river mouths, and freshwater ponds close to the shore.
    • Already by 1760 some upriver communities were calling on the Nova Scotia government to restrict net fishing at the mouths of rivers.
    • Numerous little port towns grew up at river mouths.
    • River mouths are dangerous places.
    • Eleven days later the main party reached the mouth of the Yellowstone River and camped there.
    • New Orleans is a city built on silt and drained marshland, positioned at the mouth of the Mississippi River.
    • Round the headland a pair of towers safeguard a river mouth curling into a distant and indistinct sea.

transitive verb

  • 1

    it's him, she mouthed —es él —me/le dijo articulando para que le leyera los labios
    • His lips began moving rapidly, mouthing the words to a prayer.
    • Some mouthed silent words of thanksgiving while others joyfully praised the God of creation.
    • Mel mouthed the word ‘FAREWELL’ to him as she waved.
    • She'd sat quietly as her father drove her to the hospital, wringing her hands in her lap and mouthing silent prayers for Mark.
    • Tess mouthed silent thanks and blinked back tears.
    • He raises his palms skyward and mouths a silent prayer.
    • Settling into a plastic chair, he became engrossed, silently mouthing the words as he read.
    • He stood expressionless in the dock, shaking his head and mouthing the word ‘no’ when asked if he had anything to say.
    • As Erik stood up, Maria silently mouthed the words ‘I'm sorry’ to him.
    • She mouths the word as if she can't bring herself to say it aloud.
    • I can remember her looking at me and mouthing the words ‘I don't want to die’.
    • Then before he was led out of the courtroom, he sneered at the media and mouthed the words ‘go home‘.
    • My eyes moved to his lips which were silently mouthing the words to the song.
    • Luke shook his head and silently mouthed the word ‘no’.
    • He nodded when he heard her and mouthed back an ‘Alright’.
    • He mouthed an obscenity as he was led away.
    • I clambered back on stage, mouthing What the hell?
    • Quickly Matt mouthed a silent thank you to Kiara, who nodded in acceptance.
    • Maddy mouthed a thank you to her friend as they left and she nodded back.
    • With a labored breath, his pale, chapped lips mouthed her name.
  • 2 derogatory

    to mouth platitudes decir lugares comunes
    • mouthing their prayers without understanding recitando sus oraciones sin entender
    • Now she mouths all the normal platitudes about how the Real Message of the Gospel is Social Justice.
    • The environment minister is being condemned for mouthing politically correct platitudes.
    • Instead of mouthing platitudes about creating just and lasting settlements, we must turn the financial screws on both parties to make them see sense.
    • When he says he expects to win, he will likely be speaking out of sincere conviction, not simply mouthing platitudes like many other candidates.
    • The company quickly reverted to the more standard practice of mouthing platitudes instead of the bald-faced truth.
    • She said that people should be wary of mouthing platitudes.
    • Realistic promotion of abstinence is not the mere mouthing of platitudes such as ‘Just say ‘No’!’
    • Repent, they admonish, and come back to signing agreements and mouthing platitudes.
    • The guy is just sitting on his hands, while mouthing platitudes.
    • Both of them are currently mouthing the proper platitudes.
    • They shriek, they mouth inanities in the commentary box and on the stands.
    • But such actors cannot be expected to mouth Marxist slogans convincingly.
    • They mouth slogans and psychobabble.
    • They were content to mouth the slogans and go through the motions.
    • He is merely mouthing an administrator's script.
    • I, in turn, pointed at myself and just as clearly mouthed out my name, ‘Lani’.
    • Emily mouthed the words carefully as she faced him. ‘Thank you so much, Mr. Smith.’
    • His teacher was mouthing each letter sound and having him repeat sequences.
    • By the end of the lesson students are carefully mouthing the correct English pronunciation.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    mover los labios