Translation of mouthwash in Spanish:


enjuague (bucal), n.

Pronunciation /ˈmaʊθˌwɔʃ/ /ˈmaʊθwɒʃ/


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    enjuague (bucal) masculine
    elixir (bucal) masculine
    • Before leaving home, as a last-minute precaution, I also indulged in some serious mouthwash gargling, followed by a frantic gum-chewing session.
    • And I braced myself for the bad news - would I spend the next six months gargling prescription mouthwash?
    • Rinse with antiseptic mouthwash, like Listerine, and floss daily.
    • When Laurel emerged from the bathroom, gargling with mouthwash, I didn't share that fantasy with her.
    • Gargling with this mouthwash can't be described as pleasant.
    • I stretched, yawned, rinsed with mouthwash, then set about to explore my surroundings.
    • Next he pulled out a bottle of Firewine and took a mouthful before gargling it like mouthwash and swallowing it.
    • She'll long to take a proper shower, gargle with mouthwash, paint her toenails pink.
    • Sore throats, irritated gums and oral sores can be soothed by a gargle or mouthwash of strong sage tea.
    • You might even want to gargle with mouthwash before meeting with potential clients.
    • Incidentally, the dentist said that toothpastes with mouthwash killed the useful bacteria inside the oral cavity due to its antiseptic qualities.
    • Personal care products such as shampoos, deodorants, dental floss and mouthwash are multibillion-dollar industries.
    • But bad breath isn't always the result of choosing the wrong mouthwash or toothpaste, a University of Iowa dentist says.
    • Despite the ritual dousing with perfume and mouthwash, the girl still smelled faintly of cigarette smoke.
    • He came back minutes later toothbrush, toothpaste, and mouthwash in hand.
    • If you happen to be suffering from any or all of the conditions listed above, you need to stop using any toothpaste or mouthwash of any description whatsoever.
    • For all I knew she was going to hand me a bottle of mouthwash or a stick of deodorant.
    • I brush my teeth, rinsing my mouth out with mouthwash.
    • Disinfectants, deodorant soaps, toilet bowl cleaners and even mouthwash kill the beneficial bacteria.
    • We brush, floss, use tartar-fighting rinses, and swish around mouthwash to freshen our breath.