Translation of move in Spanish:


movimiento, n.

Pronunciation /muv/ /muːv/

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  • 1

    movimiento masculine
    she watched their every move vigilaba todos sus movimientos
    • one false move and I'll shoot un movimiento en falso y disparo
    • she made a move to get up/for the door hizo ademán de levantarse/ir hacia la puerta
    • it's time we made a move ya es hora de que nos vayamos / que nos pongamos en camino
    • Eventually the object made a sudden move, jerked across the highway and came to a stop.
    • They try hard not to make any sudden moves as they draw their weapons out.
    • James held the shotgun in a death grip, his finger on the trigger, ready to blow Steve away if he made any sudden moves.
    • For 24 hours, you're not supposed to make any sudden moves.
    • When they notice Jim, they freeze into immobility, and only when he has stayed still for a considerable length of time, making no sudden moves, do they return to their slow hunt for nuts and roots.
    • And when you put the box over your head, don't make any sudden moves.
    • I back out slowly, making no sudden moves.
    • One of his first moves toward the horse, if permitted, is to get close to the horse and rub his body.
    • Walking down to the main drag, I fell into a full slow saunter, savouring the warmth and the sudden move into the light.
    • Don't make any sudden moves and do not scream and I will not hurt you.
    • Don't make any sudden moves, or this one will have a heart attack and that one will try to kill you.
  • 2

    (of residence) mudanza feminine
    (of residence) trasteo masculine Colombia
    (of premises) traslado masculine
    (of premises) mudanza feminine
    • Just as remarkable is the story of the manuscript's survival through the decades, including three years on the run from the Gestapo, several house moves and even a flood.
    • The service ranges from sourcing reliable cleaners, gardeners or plumbers to helping with house moves or booking a holiday.
    • I assumed it had gone missing during his various house moves and I just forgot about it.
    • Despite many house moves, she had always made sure her large consignment of motley cardboard boxes went too.
    • It was most likely left in a box somewhere during one of the many house moves since the late '80s.
    • She added that due to their recent move of premises, they have twice the amount of space but only the same staff to work in it.
    • The move is to larger premises and the 12 staff, some of whom have worked at the Old Road store for decades, will go too.
    • They can request everything from a copy bill to a new connection, as well as notify us of a move to new premises or give us their meter reading.
    • I guess the house move is the dominant thing in my mind at the moment.
    • The move to bigger premises will enable the company to continue to expand.
    • He was told the volume of work for the body shop side of the business had increased in anticipation of a move to new premises.
    • The money she earned, about £60 a week, was put to one side to fund her move to a new house.
    • I had it in my last house, and then it vanished amid the chaos of the house move.
    • In 1658, Rembrandt made his final move to a rented house in a modest middle-class quarter.
    • A move to new Scottish premises is also likely to take place before the end of the year.
    • The business has also undergone major changes, with a move to new premises and the creation of new jobs.
    • Between moves, families settled into whatever housing was possible.
    • When I contemplate most house moves, the actual activity has indeed been confined to a few days only, spread out over a period, long or short.
    • The city council had promised to help us, that they understood our position following the move from Clarence Street.
    • I turned down a move to Chicago about three years ago as I'd recently got myself settled in the new house.
  • 3

    • 3.1

      (action, step) paso masculine
      (measure) medida feminine
      this new law is seen as a move toward … esta nueva ley se ve como un paso hacia …
      • it was a good / wise move fue una buena decisión / un paso acertado
      • several moves to relieve unemployment have been announced se han anunciado varias medidas para paliar el desempleo
      • what's the next move? ¿cuál es el siguiente paso?
      • it's up to her to make the next move le toca a ella dar el siguiente paso
      • don't make a move without telling me first no hagas nada / no des ningún paso sin decírmelo antes
      • If the holder of the office is very proactive and indeed imaginative he or she can initiate moves to further the cause of Sligo.
      • I was already initiating moves to get myself onto a site much closer to home, back in Liverpool.
      • Significant moves are planned to get more tourists into this country by air and sea.
      • Employees leaving the factory on Tuesday said that they had heard nothing about moves to close the factory.
      • Mr Bayley said there had been cases in York where families facing eviction started moves to buy the house - with the council powerless to stop them.
      • Edinburgh is making moves to lure the department store to the capital.
      • The department is making moves to better manage the land that most Australians write off as useless.
      • The company said some of the cost-cutting moves involved layoffs.
      • The bank said the cost-cutting move would help refocus and growth the company's retail business.
      • Moves are afoot in the union to try and end resistance to the reforms.
      • She would initiate moves designed to bring more financial discipline to the municipalities' budgets, she said.
      • I'm looking for evening classes so that I can make moves towards the career change I've long been considering.
      • We've seen tremendous moves made toward lowering the tension there.
      • During these 18 years, we had seen many of the most significant moves to strengthen the position of Gaelic.
      • It called for imaginative moves to free up the property market, including the introduction of relocation grants for people who have reared their families.
      • The ‘early finish’ scheme follows moves to change the school year into six shorter terms with standard holidays across England and Wales.
      • These comments are certain to be seen by some as a move towards tax harmonisation in the EU.
      • He wanted a general manager who would not make moves or express an opinion without consulting him.
      • West Swindon residents are being invited to give their opinions on how successful moves to tackle anti-social behaviour in the area have been.
      • If there is any move to block the deal, the opinion of the Competition Authority must be sought.

    • 3.2(in profession, occupation)

      her next move took her to India su siguiente puesto la llevó a la India
      • an ideal move for a young executive el paso más indicado para un joven ejecutivo
      • the company's move into electronics la entrada de la compañía en el campo de la electrónica

  • 4

    movimiento masculine
    jugada feminine
    whose move is it? ¿a quién le toca mover / jugar?
    • Ray watched as they moved piece by piece, some moves taking longer to consider than others.
    • He's like a chess player, looking two moves ahead.
    • The left- and right-hand numbers tell us the number of moves remaining after either player's next turn.
    • I remember reading once that amateur chess players think as many moves ahead as grandmasters.
    • Now using the Internet, games can be held on virtual boards and players can message moves to each other electronically.
    • Each of the moves had to be with a different piece and a player had to be able to escape check on the first move of their turn otherwise it was checkmate.
    • It can often be seen several moves ahead when a player is able to win.
    • The large screen displayed the moves the players had made.
    • At the highest levels of chess, before you touch a piece, you are playing out an entire game of moves and countermoves in your head.
    • The move chosen in the game gives Black a slight edge without giving up a pawn.
    • In orthodox Chess, if a player has no legal move and his king is not in check, the game is a draw.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(to change place)

      why don't you move nearer the fire? ¿por qué no te acercas / te arrimas al fuego?
      • let's move into the shade pongámonos a la sombra
      • we could move to another table podríamos cambiarnos de mesa
      • I want to set the table: you'll have to move quiero poner la mesa: tendrás que levantarte / cambiarte de lugar
      • you can move into his room while he's away puedes cambiarte a su habitación mientras no está
      • government troops have moved into the area tropas del gobierno se han desplazado / se han trasladado a la zona
      • to move to a new job/school cambiar de trabajo/colegio

    • 1.2(to change one's address, residence)

      when are you moving into your new house? ¿cuándo te mudas / te cambias a la casa nueva?
      • I have to move out of here by Friday tengo que mudarme de aquí antes del viernes
      • we'd like to move out of / away from London nos gustaría irnos de Londres
      • The family had only moved to the house on Whitworth Road four months ago.
      • His family had moved from a smaller house a few miles away right before he entered seventh grade.
      • Born in Essex to a colonel's family, she moved frequently during her childhood.
      • The boys' families had recently moved to a new housing development.
      • The family moved around a lot and she went to 15 different schools.
      • He was born into a poor London family that moved frequently, allowing him little formal education.
      • Smith and his family are moving to live in Spain later this year.
      • The Brontë family lived there before moving to the parsonage at Haworth.
      • He later moved with his family to Canada, having obtained permanent residence there.
      • During World War I the family moved to Amsterdam to live with relatives.
      • At first, they settled along the coast, but eventually settlers moved inland.
      • They forget that when a player moves abroad he has to get used to the cultural, lifestyle, and behavioural differences a new club will invariably throw up.
      • David had wanted to move to Spain.
      • For the first time he spoke about a conversation he'd had with his son, who had moved to England only a few months ago.
      • She tells us repeatedly about how she planned to travel after the war but she ended up meeting my Grandad, marrying him very quickly and moving to London.
      • Aides have reportedly confirmed that he was talking about stepping down as Education Secretary and moving to a different department.
      • She also began to know everything there is to know about the housing service as she moved from department to department.
      • But the College also said she could move to the accounts department immediately if she so chose.
      • She later moved to the Department of Foreign Affairs where she spent time in the passport office.
      • When my dad decided to retire from the New York Police Department, we moved down to Florida.
      see also move in, move out

  • 2

    (to change one's position)
    don't move! ¡no te muevas!
    • no one dared move nadie se atrevió a moverse
    • I've eaten so much I can't move he comido tanto que no puedo ni moverme
    • he moved onto his side se puso de lado
    • don't you move, I'll answer the door tú tranquilo, que voy yo a abrir la puerta
    • I could hear my brother moving around upstairs and I knew that he was getting ready for work.
    • She shoved her into the front row before moving to stand in the doorway of the gazebo.
    • She stood, and moved to the door, turning the lock with a echoing metallic sound.
    • The pounding in his skull was reduced to a dull throbbing, so he stood slowly and moved to the door.
    • He downed the contents of the cup in front of him, and stood up to move through the back door.
    • The door closed in her face and I heard her feet shuffling as she moved to stand sentry by the door.
    • Forecasters say Hurricane Emily could dump as much as 15 inches as it moves inland.
    • It is not until you move upstairs that the true potential of the building is evident.
    • Philip pushes himself out of his chair, moving to stand directly in front of his brother.
    • She turned as she heard the kitchen door slam and Clint moving down the hallway to the den.
    • As he moved through the row of chairs he heard a very loud shot that seemed to be right outside the conference room.
    • My dad moved to the door and I heard him talking to someone right outside of it.
    • We were stuck in the middle of a large crowd and could not move to a better position to see the fireworks, even if there had been time to do so.
    • Blackbirds have such sensitive ears that they can hear a worm moving beneath soil three feet away.
    • The dark clouds were moving fast, drawing closer and closer to our side of town.
    • Michael moved quickly in her direction.
    • I quickly moved closer to the edge of the bed in attempt to keep my distance from him.
    • Forecasters say that the storm is now moving offshore.
    • She enters the room, moves over to him and places a finger on his lips
    • I move over to the dining room table behind her.
  • 3

    (to proceed, to go)
    the procession/vehicle began to move la procesión/el vehículo se puso en marcha
    • she fell from a moving bus se cayó de un autobús en marcha
    • the crane moves on rails la grúa se mueve sobre rieles
    • the police kept the crowds moving la policía hacía circular a la multitud
    • it's time we were moving es hora de que nos pongamos en camino
    • the trucks are moving northward los camiones avanzan hacia el norte
    • the earth moves around the sun la Tierra gira alrededor del Sol
    • we moved aside / to one side nos apartamos
    • she moved cautiously toward the door se acercó cautelosamente a la puerta
  • 4

    (to advance, to develop)
    things seem to be moving parece que las cosas marchan
    • events moved rapidly los acontecimientos se desarrollaron rápidamente
    • a fast-moving adventure story una historia de aventuras de ritmo muy ágil
    • the conflict has moved into a new phase el conflicto ha entrado en una nueva fase
    • the conversation had moved to a different topic la conversación había derivado a otro tema
    • to move into the lead/into second place pasar a ocupar el primer/segundo lugar
    • the Socialists have moved ahead in the opinion polls los socialistas han tomado la delantera según los sondeos
    • she has moved swiftly up the executive ladder ha ascendido rápidamente en el escalafón ejecutivo
    • media attention has moved back to domestic issues los medios de comunicación han vuelto a centrar su atención en los asuntos internos
    • I'm moving toward the view that … cada vez me convenzo más de que …
    • the company plans to move into the hotel business la compañía tiene planes de introducirse en el ramo hotelero
  • 5

    (to carry oneself)
    she moves beautifully se mueve con mucha gracia / con mucho garbo
  • 6 informal

    (to go fast)
    just watch those bikes move! ¡mira cómo corren esas motos!
    • you'll have to move if you want to be there on time te vas a tener que mover si quieres llegar a tiempo
    • The wind was really moving at this point.
    • The ball was really moving when it reached him.
    • They might look blubbery and slow, but they can move when they have to.
    • He can really move for a big guy.
  • 7

    (to take steps, to act)
    we must move now tenemos que actuar ahora
    • she moved quickly to scotch rumors inmediatamente tomó medidas para acallar los rumores
    • they are waiting for us to move first están esperando que nosotros demos el primer paso
  • 8

    (in chess, checkers)
    is it my turn to move? ¿me toca (mover / jugar) a mí?
    • the bishop moves diagonally el alfil se mueve en diagonal
    • Once this is filled up players move their pieces creating larger and larger stacks.
    • When all pieces have been placed on the board, the players move the pieces around one intersection at a time.
    • Players move from space to space on a board in the shape of Madagascar which is coloured in the white, red and green of the national flag.
    • Each player moves a pair of pegs up the outside and down the inside of their side of the board.
    • The objective is simply to be the first to move all the pieces across the board and into the star point opposite.
    • Leaning forward to his opponent he moves all pieces from both sides around the board until he has finally checkmated his way to victory.
    • If a piece is in limbo, the player must get it back on the board before moving any other piece.
  • 9

    (to circulate socially)
    to move in literary/influential circles moverse en círculos literarios/influyentes
    • he moves in high society alterna en / se codea con la alta sociedad
    • He was a master at moving within and among very different worlds.
    • We moved within the same social circles and were members of the same clubs.
    • Democritus was an ancient Greek philosopher who moved in the same circles as Socrates.
    • They moved in the same circles in London.
    • We see each other at least every fortnight - we move in similar circles, attending formal dinners and charity functions.
    • He moved in fashionable society and was a personal friend of several of Queen Victoria's children.
  • 10 formal

    (to propose)
    to move for sth proponer algo
    • The Government also intends to move a number of technical amendments at the Committee stage.
    • The resolution was moved by the United States and supported unanimously by the Security Council.
    • Our union, in 1899, moved a resolution from the Doncaster branch, calling for the Labour Party to be set up.
    • The big surprise was that when we moved our resolution at the women's TUC there was no major opposition.
    • Labor, Green and Democrat senators moved a motion on October 16 supporting the strike.
    • When I first moved the legislation, the wife of a former freezing worker came to my office to thank me.
    • That is why the National Party is moving an amendment stating that the title of the bill should reflect what the bill does.
    • As we go on through, it will be entirely up to members to move an amendment if they think a word is out of place or is not understood.
    • I just want to ask the member who has moved this amendment a brief question.
    • We will be moving some amendments at the Committee stage and will abstain until we see whether those amendments are adopted.
    • We are moving amendments to clarify employment practices within this organisation.
    • He will stress that local MPs can move amendments to the legislation if they wish.
    • We have moved a number of amendments that would have provided for a much more realistic way of dealing with that.
    • The National Party warmly supports the motion moved by the Prime Minister.
    • In the first part of the Committee stage, the Government senior whip moved a closure motion.
    • Home secretary Sir George Grey moved the Security Bill in the Commons.
    • The legislation was moved to committee and is expected to reach a vote early next week.
    • The motion is moved in order to complete the Government's programme before the House rises for the summer adjournment.
    • The 50 per cent increase was moved by Tory group leader Coun Chris Humphries.
    • A motion of no confidence was moved, and the government resigned in January 1957.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (to alter the position of)
    let's move the sofa over there pongamos el sofá allí
    • why have you moved the television? ¿por qué has cambiado la televisión de sitio / de lugar?
    • could you move your car, please? ¿me haría el favor de quitar el coche de allí / de correr un poco el coche?
    • move your chair a little corre un poco la silla
    • ask him to move the boxes out of the way dile que quite las cajas de en medio
    • we could move the tables together podríamos juntar las mesas
    • don't move anything before the police arrive no toquen nada hasta que llegue la policía
    • move yourself quítate de en medio
    • we shall not be moved! ¡no nos moverán!
    • move your head! I can't see! ¡aparta la cabeza / quita la cabeza de ahí, que no me dejas ver!
    • I can't move my leg/neck no puedo mover la pierna/el cuello
    • she moved her finger across the page pasó el dedo por la página
  • 2

    • 2.1(to transport)

      (supplies/troops) transportar
      (supplies/troops) trasladar
      • Officers said they could not move the car as it was not in a dangerous position, so they handed the matter over to the Borough Council.
      • Orchestral sections were moved from one position to another in a search for perfect sound relationships.
      • He said these traffic lights were badly positioned and should be moved to a more suitable place.
      • She adjusts positions, moving her feet up onto the couch, and leans on his shoulder.
      • I moved a pillow into position.
      • It also suggests using sandbags or floorboards to block doorways and moving cars to higher ground.
      • I moved our car back into the garage, assuming there was a festival or parade the following day.
      • When he and Kate came out of the restaurant, the car had been moved to a shady spot.
      • As a conveyor belt moved plastic trays along, lines of workers were placing chocolates into them by hand.
      • Bottle banks have already been moved to the car park near the bank.
      • They immediately moved our car, a Vauxhall Corsa, to a safe place, and put the fire out.
      • At first he thought Craig was playing a joke and had just moved the car around the corner.
      • He got out of his car to move the cones and was confronted by two masked men, one armed with a knife.
      • Most of the furniture was moved to the side too.
      • Amy moved her finger upward and pointed to two more black dots.
      • The seed should then be sown outdoors and the plants moved to their flowering positions in autumn if large enough or the following spring if not.
      • Next autumn, sever the shoot from the parent, leave it a few weeks to settle, then move to its new position.
      • They claim moving the market into the centre of Driffield has helped to breathe new life into the commercial activity of the town.
      • Town hall bosses are considering moving the market to a new home to fit in with plans for a cultural quarter.
      • They agreed to move their protest further along the street, but argued they had the right to protest in public.

    • 2.2(to relocate, to transfer)

      she was moved to head office la trasladaron a la oficina central
      • he was too ill to be moved estaba demasiado enfermo para trasladarlo
      • I'll move this paragraph further down pondré este párrafo más abajo
      • move the decimal point one place to the right corre la coma un lugar a la derecha

    • 2.3(to change the location of)

      the firm that moved us la compañía que nos hizo la mudanza
      • we moved offices nos mudamos / cambiamos de oficina
      • to move house mudarse / cambiarse de casa
      • she's moved jobs ha cambiado de trabajo

  • 3

    • 3.1(to touch emotionally)

      she was visibly moved estaba obviamente conmovida / emocionada
      • he's easily moved es muy sensible
      • to move sb to tears hacer llorar a algn de la emoción
      • I was deeply moved by what I saw lo que vi me conmovió profundamente
      • Many of the crowd were moved to tears during the two-minute silence, while veterans lowered standards to the ground.
      • Her husband Jack was moved to tears as onlookers watched him unveil the plaque and lay her ashes to rest.
      • I am deeply moved by reading this story and my deepest sympathy goes out to the person who wrote it.
      • It is not necessary to be a highly skilled author to write a story that makes readers catch their breath, laugh out loud or be moved to tears.
      • I was deeply moved - but also entertained - by your VE-Day feature in the May issue.
      • The book was hard to get hold of here in Canada but when I finally got a copy, I was deeply moved by it.
      • The film deeply moved the audience and we could gauge that there was total involvement.
      • The orchestra was fine, but there was a never a time that I felt deeply moved by their playing.
      • It's a movie that moves people very deeply.
      • When they listened to the national anthem during the ceremony, they were moved to tears.
      • The events described in the book still have the power to move her to tears.
      • It's not so much the lyrics or the music specifically that moves me.
      • I was moved by the music but make-up, costume and performance were what was important.
      • I know that when I hear music, it moves me in a way that I can't easily explain.
      • I love stories that move us and that remind us of what it is to be human.
      • There were particular songs that really moved me because of the lyrics and the music.
      • The memory and the love of your loved one will continue to move you and inspire you for the rest of your life.
      • The music is vital - it really moves the audience.
      • I cannot remember the last time an album so profoundly moved me, such is the magical beauty of the music contained within.
      • I first read this when I was a teenager living in Trinidad in the early eighties, and I remember it moving me then.

    • 3.2(to prompt sb to do)

      to move sb to + inf
      • this moved her to remonstrate
      • he was moved to express his indignation
      • I am not moved to love you, Lord, to gain the heaven you have promised in return.
      • This is what draws him to us and moves him to love us.
      • It might be a rose, an animal, or a child that moves me to paint.
      • It was overflowing love and compassion that moved the Lord Jesus to go to the cross.
      • What moves men and women to love others is the innate goodness that they know is in each and every one of us.
      • His love and his grace will move you to echo the words of John the Baptist.

  • 4

    (in debating)
    (amendment/motion) proponer
    I move that a vote be taken propongo que se someta a votación
  • 5

    (counter/pawn) mover
  • 6

    (to sell)
    • These copies are moving fast and will be sold out in a matter of days.
    • I've seen some shell shocked illustrators at shows lately, completely unable to understand why their prints aren't moving in quantity.
  • 7 formal

    to move one's bowels mover el vientre / el intestino formal