Translation of movie in Spanish:


película, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmuvi/ /ˈmuːvi/

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  • 1mainly US

    película feminine
    film masculine
    filme masculine
    (actor/director) (before noun) de cine
    movie film película
    • movie industry industria cinematográfica / del cine
    • movie producer productor de cine
    • These are undoubtedly his most successful movies in a film career which contains a wide mix of the good, the bad and the mediocre.
    • Estrada, a former action movie star, assumed the presidency in 1998.
    • I think we both agree on the importance of the movie theater version.
    • See Tarnation on a movie theater screen if you have the chance.
    • A lot of people are doing lists of their favorite scary movies.
    • Summer action movies don't have to be this bad.
    • I was a monster movie buff when I was a kid.
    • Now, you know how I love my zombie movies, so I don't take reviewing such films lightly.
    • I love teen angst movies with moody, atmospheric modern rock soundtracks.
    • Ustinov also wrote and directed the movie based on his own play.
    • But it is, for me, the best American animated movie of the year.
    • The plot draws, of course, from the recently released animated movie of the same name.
    • When I heard this morning that there were movie premiere tickets to be won, I entered.
    • Some movies seem better while you're watching them than they actually are.
    • But I urge you more cynical movie buffs to give this classic a try.
    • Finally he picked a design that I had based roughly on a movie theatre.
    • In Sony's case, it helps to own some music and movie studios.
    • The only thing missing was music playing in the background from a movie soundtrack!
    • Video games join action figures, trading cards and plush toys as summer movie tie-ins.
  • 2mainly US movies plural

    • 2.1(building)

      the movies el cine
      • to go to the movies ir al cine / a ver una película

    • 2.2(industry)

      cine masculine
      she's in movies trabaja en (el) cine
      • Believe me it's far more difficult to know what to say to an unconscious loved one than the movies make out.
      • Caine then tells Parkinson about his love for the movies, and the main reasons he became an actor.
      • You don't need to be a film buff to enjoy the movies or a football fanatic to watch a game.
      • Young filmmakers hoping to make it in the movies are showcasing their work next week.
      • Probably the best spider scene ever in the movies is in merely an addendum to a film.
      • The majority of the ones I encounter are underpaid yet have a great love for the movies.
      • The result is incredibly cinematic, and manages not to trivialise the imagination and atmosphere of the movies.
      • Like in the movies, big names guarantee a big audience on Broadway.
      • When I landed a job at the STAR newspaper I thought it would be like journalism in the movies.
      • As much of an asset to the movies as he is to the stage, there are many cinema-goers who hope he doesn't stay away from the screen for too long.
      • And though the movies are starting to change and we have the odd Lara Croft, there is still a way to go.
      • If it wasn't for the one busted knee I could be in the movies now you know.
      • Unlike in the movies, this commencement was long, boring and very unsatisfying.
      • Youngsters will be given the chance to act out some of their favourite scenes from the movies at a stunt camp being run in the city over the summer.
      • After 40 years of living in France, only now has this community begun to exist in the movies.
      • I grabbed her, picked her up, and swung her around like they do in the movies.
      • I teased him that he was like the pool guy in the movies, who goes around servicing all the bored housewives.
      • One of the things I find funniest is invented rituals in the movies.
      • He has one of those over the top Parisian accents you hear in the movies.
      • She looked like one of those artificially aged people in the movies, with their grey skin, grey hair and faux wrinkles.