Translation of movie camera in Spanish:

movie camera

filmadora, n.

See Spanish definition of filmadora


  • 1

    filmadora feminine mainly US
    tomavistas masculine Spain, mainly US
    (large, professional) cámara cinematográfica feminine
    • He thought of a solution to the problem of how to stabilize a hand-held movie camera in a hotel room.
    • She is the latest of a number of Britart stars to turn to the movie camera.
    • The poem moves swiftly from image to image, like a movie camera.
    • This system has been adapted for use in modern movie cameras.
    • We have bought a digital movie camera which is to be lent out to community groups.
    • Raw stock and ponderous movie cameras may soon give way to digital tapes and high definition cameras.
    • He already had a 35mm photo camera and knew where to acquire an 8mm movie camera.
    • It was a debut of sorts for the Chief Minister, as he faced the movie camera.
    • Jones brought his 8mm home movie camera along and captured some incredible images.
    • One was pointing and giving directions and the other one was setting up a tripod with a movie camera on it.