Translation of moviegoer in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈmuviˌɡoʊ(ə)r/ /ˈmuːvɪɡəʊə/


mainly US
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    he's a keen moviegoer va mucho al cine
    • the street was full of moviegoers la calle estaba llena de gente que iba al/venía del cine
    • You are a regular moviegoer so you have seen all this before.
    • A regular moviegoer with a conventional grasp of history would simply call it phony.
    • Zhang said China also needs to build more cinemas to entertain the growing number of moviegoers.
    • Film fans face losing the new cinema club in Westbury unless more moviegoers head through the box office.
    • Opinion was divided among moviegoers who poured out of the Odeon cinema in Manchester city centre.
    • We went to ask moviegoers today how they feel about the issue.
    • The best advice I can give moviegoers is to stay away if you don't possess a dark sense of humor and/or cynical outlook on life.
    • There's a feast of films vying for moviegoers' attention this season.
    • Clearly, the hope is that moviegoers will find it rousingly topical.
    • There seems to be a bit of disparity among critics and moviegoers over the verdict on Tim Burton's recent film Big Fish.
    • It's as if moviegoers have been coddled by the comforting filters and film stock of major motion pictures over the years.
    • Very, very sweet weekend at the box office, Kyra, as moviegoers continued on their oh so fabulous candy binge.
    • Last year moviegoers flocked to the theater to see the movie Drumline.
    • Fed-up moviegoers are taking their money and their patience and going home.
    • Yet there is no similar propensity to indicate when films are designed to lure younger adult moviegoers.
    • For us moviegoers, you might be muttering to yourself, but not for the wretched of the Glasgow slums.
    • Frankenstein was chilling for more than a few moviegoers in that black-and-white world.
    • Jessica Simpson's film debut with the good old boys pulled in lots of moviegoers over the weekend.
    • Although moviegoers are walking away with different reaction, one thing is the same.
    • Do you feel that Hollywood has kind of been missing what moviegoers want to see?