Translation of moving in Spanish:


emotivo, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈmuvɪŋ/ /ˈmuːvɪŋ/

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    I found the film very moving la película me emocionó mucho
    • She went ahead with it, and from all accounts, it was an extremely emotional, moving experience.
    • Nothing like a nice bit of moving emotional opera first thing in the morning to get you ready for the day's work ahead…
    • The strong script, with moving dialogues, gets the viewer completely hooked.
    • It also is an emotionally moving experience for the audience.
    • My feeling when I went there was that I saw very beautiful things, very moving things, very strong things.
    • Even with this weakness, however, it remains a unique and moving book, and one worth reading.
    • The state funeral for Reagan was a beautiful, moving service and I'd like to just leave it at that.
    • Around 100 people attended what was a very moving tribute to those who gave their lives to fight fascism.
    • We have received a very warm welcome and have found the experience very moving.
    • I have seen it now over one hundred times and I still find it very moving.
    • I found their story profoundly moving, but very remote from my own experience as a sister.
    • The finest of the love lyrics, quietly burning with agony and rapture, are deeply moving.
    • Somehow this seemed a fitting preparation for a show which, while not easy to watch, was deeply moving.
    • Her classmates wrote a moving tribute too, remembering the friend they had lost.
    • We'll hear her moving tribute to the man she'll always miss.
    • Shops closed for business and all operations ceased as family and colleagues gathered for the moving repatriation ceremony.
    • I'm totally unprepared to write a heartfelt and moving post for my daughter's sixth birthday.
    • The resultant bug-eyed chaos is hilarious and oddly moving.
    • And so the commemorations were all just so much more moving than I had anticipated.
    • It was a very moving experience to visit the War Graves Cemetery in Labuan and to complete a piece of family history after nearly 60 years.
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    (in motion)
    (vehicle) en movimiento
    moving part pieza movible / móvil
    • moving target blanco móvil / en movimiento
    • They swayed with the motion of the moving car, occasionally glancing around at the other passengers.
    • Burberry has just done that, ordering a giant, gently moving mobile for its flagship Tokyo store.
    • Attached over your baby's cot, a mobile's moving shapes and bright colours will attract your baby's gaze.
    • A fixture is a more complex piece that is composed of moving parts that operate as a unit to perform one or several tasks.
    • Most cell motion results from pressure from the moving masses of other cells.
    • The only motion was made by the softly moving vapor clouds of our own breath.
    • The moving water spins the nozzle, a motion that then helps to break up and distribute the spray.
    • With stop motion the camera captures images not in continuous moving shots but in one single frame at a time.
    • A moving particle will carry with it the energy of its motion, which the physicists call kinetic energy.
    • There is the same frustration at slow-moving traffic: the same parameters of territoriality are in operation.
    • The work performed by a moving object in coming to rest is known as kinetic energy.
    • Over-cheesiness is avoided through a deft handling of plot and characterisation, which keeps everything moving and alive.
    • I do get trains occasionally, but always go first class, so it's more like being in a moving hotel and you barely notice you're travelling.
    • In 1954 a man was fined for sliding down the moving handrail.
    • The problem of directing fire against rapidly-moving targets still drives military technology, even in public perception.
    • And you need to have top-flight shooting skills to zap the constantly moving targets that are your enemy.
    • So consider this, like all other midseason lists, a snapshot of a rapidly moving picture.
    • The motion of the train turns the series of pictures into a moving image.
    • The speed and spectacle of the moving image left the painted canvas far behind.
    • Digital video is converted from moving images to a stream of zeroes and ones.
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    (before noun) de mudanzas
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    (force/spirit) impulsor