Traducción de MP3 player en Español:

MP3 player

equipo MP3, n.


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    equipo MP3 masculino
    equipo emepetres masculino
    • He came in at the beginning of the album with a lot of his favorite songs all on an MP3 player with all the lyrics.
    • To copy a CD to the MP3 player, you must connect the MP3 player to a computer.
    • Without much additional effort, you could then download it onto an MP3 player or burn a CD.
    • It comes second only to Apple in total market share for MP3 players.
    • Buy the record, give the CD to your friends, rip it to your mp3 player or whatever!
    • Last year, I purchased a delightful little MP3 player that is about the size of a stick of gum.
    • I slipped in my new buds and let loose some Vivaldi on my MP3 player.
    • Consumers still want the latest in digital cameras, cell-phone cameras, MP3 players, and video games.
    • Next up will be other high-volume gadgets such as digital cameras, MP3 players, and even personal computers.
    • But the iPod set a new standard by which all other MP3 players would be judged.
    • If you're looking for a small MP3 player with big sound this could be the player of choice.
    • MP3 files can be transferred easily to small, portable MP3 players - devices available in many homes as well.
    • The last option is simply to hijack a portable MP3 player and hot-wire it to your stereo system.
    • Just remember: when lining up for popular films, arrive early, load your MP3 player up with tunes, and bring a book - lineups have been known to last four hours.
    • Short-term savings are crucial because they yield the rewards - a trip during spring break or an MP3 player - that make all that baby-sitting worth the effort.
    • Copy-controlled CDs also hinder consumers from ripping music for use in personal devices, such as portable mp3 players.
    • There was a playful exchange about speakers and sound quality and Albert looked at this wizened symbol of a simpler time and asked gamely, "Do you, uh, own an MP3 player?"
    • These days, MP3 players, DVD recorders, digital cameras, and a slew of other gizmos all have drives that can store songs, movies, and TV shows.