Traducción de much en Español:


mucho, adj.

Pronunciación /mətʃ/ /mʌtʃ/

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  • 1

    I don't need much water/coal no necesito mucha agua/mucho carbón
    • do you listen to much classical music? ¿escuchas mucha música clásica?
    • I don't earn very much money no gano mucho dinero
    • you've given me $2 too much me has dado 2 dólares de más
    • not much evidence has so far been found hasta el momento no se han descubierto muchas pruebas
    • he passed the exam without much effort pasó el examen sin mucho / sin demasiado esfuerzo
    • there isn't much point in carrying on no tiene mucho sentido seguir
    • how much coffee/milk? ¿cuánto café/cuánta leche?
  • 2

    much work still needs to be done todavía queda mucho trabajo por hacer
    • I do as much work as anybody trabajo tanto como cualquiera
    • use as much paper as you need utiliza todo el papel que necesites
    • you drink too much coffee tomas demasiado café


  • 1

    you'd better buy some coffee/flour; there isn't much left vas a tener que comprar café/harina; no queda mucho/mucha
    • half a slice of bread isn't much of a meal media rebanada de pan no es comida
    • he's not much of a swimmer no nada muy bien
    • what do you think of the new boss? — not much ¿qué te parece el nuevo jefe? — no gran cosa
    • their house is not much to write home about la casa no es nada del otro mundo
    • do you see much of the Smiths? ¿ves mucho a los Smith?
    • I don't have much to do today hoy no tengo mucho que hacer
    • the champion won, though not by much / (British also) though there wasn't much in it el campeón ganó, pero por poco
    • how much does a ticket cost? ¿cuánto cuesta una entrada?
    • So much of modern medicine relies on our understanding of the physiology of the human body.
    • I am a little afraid to ask what it is, but I do know I will not be eating much of this.
    • He is thought to have spent much of the previous night at a North Yorkshire guest house.
    • To be honest I was asleep for much of the flight so I really don't know what happened.
    • How do you disagree with much of what the papers print, yet defend to the death their right to print it?
    • Few argue with the need to improve the shabby eyesore which blights much of Piccadilly.
    • The whole show was cringingly off the mark and much of the time was just plain boring and pointless.
    • So much money is going into the city centre and we feel that we're being ignored.
    • So much it is possible to learn from reading the newspapers and watching the television.
    • There was so much juicy gossip it was hard to pay much attention to the debate.
    • Local drivers will bear much of the cost, through road tolls and vehicle licence fees.
    • These stories are rife on the streets and provoke much fear, among the rich and poor equally.
    • It is therefore no wonder that it yields poor crops, in return for much labour and expense.
    • He does not have much free time but when he does he enjoys spending time in his garden.
    • Often this turns out to be a hoax, clogging up the net and causing much unnecessary anxiety.
    • She didn't say much other than what she was up to professionally, but there you go.
    • Technically that's a good thing, as it means there's not much bad going on in the world.
    • I didn't have much interesting news to offer him, but it was nice just to talk to him.
    • None of the brothers had given much thought to the consequences of their actions.
    • The most important thing is that we're here and there isn't much left for the finish.
  • 2

    much still remains to be done todavía queda mucho por hacer
    • much of the equipment was useless gran parte del equipo no servía
    • much of the day was taken up with … gran parte / la mayor parte del día se fue en …
    • the cat eats almost as much as the dog el gato come casi tanto como el perro
    • I've done as much as I can he hecho todo lo que he podido
    • three times as much as yesterday tres veces más que ayer
    • you can lose as much as 2 kilos in one week puedes adelgazar hasta dos kilos en una semana
    • I expected as much of him yo me lo esperaba de él
    • you need at least twice as much necesitas por lo menos el doble
    • and as much again y otro tanto
    • it wasn't so much that he was late; it was the fact that he didn't seem to care no fue tanto el hecho de que llegara tarde, sino que le diera igual
    • however much she eats, she never puts on weight coma lo que coma, nunca engorda
    • but this much I can tell you … lo que sí te puedo decir es que …
    • you've drunk too much has bebido demasiado


  • 1

    • 1.1(to large extent)

      I like it very much me gusta mucho
      • it won't go on much after nine o'clock no se alargará hasta mucho más de las nueve
      • it is snowing, but not much está nevando, pero poco / no mucho
      • I much prefer dogs to cats me gustan mucho más los perros que los gatos
      • I'd very much like to meet her me gustaría mucho conocerla
      • I am much saddened by your attitude me entristece sobremanera tu actitud
      • you deserve the prize just as much as I do te mereces el premio tanto como yo
      • the house is as much mine as yours la casa es tan mía como tuya
      • he wasn't so much rude as cold and unfriendly más que grosero estuvo frío y antipático
      • you talk/work too much hablas/trabajas demasiado
      • much as / though I dislike her, one has to admire her courage a pesar de lo que me desagrada / por mucho que me desagrade, tengo que admirar su valor
      • much to my surprise para mi gran sorpresa
      • It is a gesture that is very much appreciated by myself and Dawn's family in Devon.
      • Their innovative power and tremendous humour and charm are still very much intact.
      • McEwan has always had a twinkle in her eyes and this is going to be very much evident with the new series.
      • The meeting of City fans on Monday revealed that the soul of York City is very much alive.
      • The main river is a much different prospect, with a nice variety of fish falling to maggot.
      • Sherry has been much reviled by reviewers and accused of literally losing the plot.
      • Michael will miss his adopted home and the camaraderie and will be much missed in turn.
      • The dog is a much loved family pet and on these two occasions it was allowed to roam on to the street.
      • Her shoulders shone with a deepening tan, much different from when he had first seen her.
      • In his studies he was much influenced by the thinking of Gandhi and Reinhold Niebuhr.
      • He was much respected for his willingness to listen, and for the sincerity of his advice.
      • He had not much liked the earlier hit he had taken, and he absolutely despised this.
      • Will rushed over to check I was ok, and gave me a much-needed hug, stroking my hair as he did so.
      • So much so, that when I do have a task to perform, it seems like a really big deal.
      • So much did he love playing the trumpet that he had bought a new instrument.
      • In wealthy areas, the total income available to be taxed is much higher than in poor areas.
      • Yet the poor person is much more likely to spend an additional dollar than a rich person.
      • Scotland was a much poorer country than England at the time of the Treaty of Union.
      • Such a screenwriter runs the risk of being accused of much more than just poor taste.
      • The rich are much more powerful than the poor and will crush them with a level playing field.

    • 1.2(often)

      do you use your bicycle much? ¿usas mucho la bicicleta?
      • I don't listen to the radio very much no escucho mucho la radio
      • she doesn't get out as much as she used to no sale tanto como antes / como solía
      • I don't go out much anymore, so a Guide Dog would be wasted on me.
      • He is kind of an egocentric person and I guess if he doesn't read much, he doesn't think anyone does either.
      • We don't watch tv much, but we spend all of our time on the Internet.

  • 2

    your house is much older than mine tu casa es mucho más vieja que la mía
    • he won't stay much longer no se va a quedar mucho más (tiempo)
    • this church is much the larger of the two de las dos iglesias esta es, con mucho, la más grande
    • this is much the hottest summer we've had in a long time este es, con mucho, el verano más caluroso que hemos tenido en mucho tiempo
    • I'm much too busy to do it estoy demasiado ocupado para hacerlo
    • I'd much rather be at home preferiría mil veces estar en mi casa
    • I'm not much good at chess no soy muy bueno para el ajedrez
    • it won't be much different from mine no será muy distinto del mío
  • 3

    (more or less, approximately)
    he was of much the same opinion en gran medida opinaba igual
    • one bed is much like another todas las camas son parecidas
    • the street looks much the way it did 80 years ago la calle no ha cambiado casi nada en 80 años
    • at much the same time más o menos a la misma hora