Translation of mucky in Spanish:


asqueroso, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈməki/ /ˈmʌki/

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adjective muckier, muckiest

  • 1

    (weather/day) asqueroso informal
    I got all mucky changing the oil quedé hecho un asco cambiando el aceite informal
    • keep your mucky paws off my book! ¡quita esas cochinas manazas de mi libro!
    • you mucky pup! ¡mira que eres cochino!
    • Whether going forward or in defence these three were everywhere, covering every mucky blade of grass.
    • Muttering and cursing to herself she pulls herself upright and finds that her trousers are covered in mucky water from a bowl that has been left on the floor.
    • There was a field beside the road, half mucky dirt and clods, and half graying grass struggling for vitality.
    • In mucky work boots and jeans he marched across the carpet of York model agency, sat down in front of the stunning blonde who ran the show and said defiantly: ‘I want you to turn me into a male model.’
    • Show officials, stewards, judges and workers were in abundance and the hands-on people could easily be recognised by their mucky boots and ill-fitting, handed down bowler hats.
    • She is fascinated, for example, by the smell of men - ‘their work clothes and tools and tobacco and mucky boots and sour-cheese socks.’
    • The morning light was diffused to a mucky orange by the pollution of the shuddering city.
    • I stood up and kicked some dirt, it formed a mucky cloud.
    • Tash had been right; they were unlikely to come across anyone in these deserted side-ways, yet they weren't dirty or mucky like the alleys of the city.
    • We crawled forward through the slimy, mucky, mass.
    • I was walking down the main street and I saw a duck eating a dirty, mucky wet leaf - the poor things are not finding food.
    • A number of elderly supporters failed to hold their footing and had to be assisted back up off the mucky ground with their clothing clearly soiled.
    • Sunlight swarms through and over the pale-green saw grass, plays along the surface, dives down to the dark, mucky bottom, and spreads back up to engulf our little group.
    • As a child, we had them for particularly rainy days walking to school when, because of their nature, we could splash in puddles with impunity and squelch our way through mucky grass verges.
    • The ground looked good from the beginning though and even on the mucky entrance to the course carloads of immaculately-dressed beauties were everywhere.
    • A million pot-holes, mucky streets, traffic jams topped by heavy showers ensure a two-hour drive to the nearest mall.
    • The bus hurtled by, spraying a mucky puddle over my shoes.
    • The driver's side window opened, which allowed more water to pour into the car and also make it sink further into the mucky bottom of the ditch.
    • Across the mucky yard what can only be described as a run down shed, with a tarpaulin roof and a piece of pallet for a gate, was home to four Alsatians.
    • I don't know what I'd do without mine, as my back window gets terribly mucky in rainy weather.