Translation of mud in Spanish:


barro, n.

Pronunciation /məd/ /mʌd/

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    barro masculine
    fango masculine
    lodo masculine
    (brick/hut) (before noun) de barro
    (brick/hut) (before noun) de adobe
    the car was stuck fast in the mud el coche estaba atascado en el barro
    • the house was made of dried mud la casa era de adobe
    • with so many rumors flying around, some of the mud was bound to stick corrían tantos rumores, que era imposible que su reputación no se viera afectada
    • to throw / sling mud (at sb) insultar (a algn)
    • mud therapy fangoterapia
    • It is sadly the case that deep ruts filled with mud and water make such journeys very hazardous.
    • Looking around, he seemed to be in a mud brick hut.
    • Clumps of dried mud caked his legs to above the knee.
    • With so much traffic on the track, it quickly turned to sticky, thick mud.
    • The city is located on an island in the inland Niger delta, and is surrounded by mud brick walls.
    • She doggedly regained her footing and ran on, brown, dirty mud splattered in her long midnight blue hair.
    • The thick, gooey mud stuck to everything and sapped the spirit.
    • The horse crashes through the fence and throws you into the deep wet mud.
    • (Low tide exposes the soft mud of the salt marsh.
    • Her feet slid wildly across the slick mud covering the wall as she tried to find footholds.
    • First of all, allow me to wipe the mud off your boots - thank you.
    • How do I clean mud off silk shoes?
    • Frozen mud is caked on their boots and trousers, evidence of their late night rides.
    • Her formerly blue jeans now looked black with all the dried mud and dirt.
    • I left the battlefield with ancient mud caked to the bottom of my shoes.
    • He had brushed the mud off his boots.
    • As I pulled my boat through knee-deep mud, a hard rain began to fall.
    • But for the buffalo, the year-round, knee-deep mud is simply glorious.
    • The weather has turned foul and the boys are tramping through knee-deep mud.
    • William looked down at the pond's floor and saw sticky mud everywhere.