Traducción de mudbank en Español:


banco de lodo, n.

Pronunciación /ˈmədbæŋk/ /ˈmʌdbaŋk/


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    banco de lodo masculino
    • The Waddenzee consists of many square miles of gently shelving sand and mudbanks largely covered at high water.
    • The Lifeboat arrived on scene in moderate conditions in a South Easterly 4 to 5, to find the Yacht hard aground on a mudbank at the entrance to the Camplie River.
    • We were fortunate when visiting the Suffolk Blyth estuary in May: the first mudbanks were just appearing, and a host of wading birds soon put in an appearance, among them 10 spotted redshank.
    • It must be hard to sail a boat without wonder, a pure childlike wonder at small things - the colours of shadows over mudbanks, the wings of cormorants drying on spitposts, crabs going under rocks, or simply blue, spray, and a sail full of air.
    • For example, benthic diatoms were present on intertidal mudbanks.
    • River users say that the measures do not address the real problem of the bridge itself and claim fully-laden petrol barges could sheer off mudbanks close by and plough into it.
    • It was reported some years ago that divers had found parts of an ancient wreck emerging from the mudbank, but by their next dive it had disappeared and has not been seen since.