Translation of muddle-headed in Spanish:


atolondrado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌmədlˈhɛdəd/

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  • 1

    (person) atolondrado
    (person) aturullado
    (plan) descabellado
    (optimism/idealism) alocado
    • Most of them are no doubt just muddle-headed, and don't see the inconsistencies and confusions inherent in their view.
    • Disorganized and misleading reports from muddle-headed reporters create a vicious circle which aggravates the situation.
    • I always thought Wilson was a muddle-headed fool (and in practice, he probably was), but that event changed me.
    • ‘It's just a muddle-headed wrong review,’ says Bailey.
    • I'm perfectly prepared to believe Anthony: I'm certain that, in his decent but muddle-headed way, he would much prefer to avoid conflict whenever possible.
    • That unnamed cleric realised something most muddle-headed Western cheerleaders for the ‘resistance’ have so far failed to grasp.
    • So we try, and try again with well-intentioned, if muddle-headed, purpose - and manage only to annoy ever more people.
    • From here, Europe seems muddle-headed, contradictory.
    • Anti-war movements are often sentimental, muddle-headed and politically naive. This one merely requests an explanation.
    • When biased and muddle-headed people disagree with you chances are their arguments are based on faulty thinking and misinformation.
    • Of course he actually has no idea where Tom lives, or indeed who Tom is, but that, in his poor muddle-headed, fluffy old mind, is beside the point.
    • The fact that this situation has reached the point that it has is a poor reflection on the muddle-headed bureaucrats who run the game.
    • Why is it that you only talk to people on days when you are feeling so muddle-headed that you cannot be witty and amusing even on topics you find of interest?
    • The thinking behind how to go about addressing the perceived problem has been muddle-headed.
    • To argue we should be allowed to act unreasonably is entirely muddle-headed and morally wrong.
    • What kind of foolish and muddle-headed officials are you?
    • Some are firmly rooted in political and historical reality - while others are as muddle-headed and detached as the few leftists who claim the U.S.
    • As conservatives, these authors might have been expected to cut through much of the muddle-headed leftist dogma that permeates so many discussions of gender.
    • Socialists who stand for the political independence of the working class and its international unity have always been branded as sectarians by muddle-headed reformists.
    • It was rather easy to steal authority from you, I'm afraid - you were such an old, muddle-headed thing…