Translation of mudguard in Spanish:


guardabarros, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmədˌɡɑrd/ /ˈmʌdɡɑːd/

Definition of guardabarros in Spanish


  • 1

    guardabarros masculine
    salpicadera feminine Mexico
    tapabarros masculine Chile, Peru
    • Equipped with an extra tire, two luggage compartments, a comfortable passenger seat, and a mudguard that kept riders clean on dusty roads, the Vespa was particularly well suited to meet the expanding needs of Indonesians.
    • Officers chased after the man who drove his blue Toyota away from the scene, leaving a Honda Dream motorcycle with a damaged mudguard, front basket and front wheel.
    • Still, I spent a couple of hours over the last few nights installing a set of mudguards on my road bike, so that'll help.
    • The bike, which is rusty red, has 18-gears and a mudguard over the back wheel, was taken about 4.30 pm on Monday, August 30.
    • For touring, the best bike is a tourer - strong frame, big wheels, rack on the back for panniers, mudguards for the rain, enough gears for the hills.
    • Later, I returned with a fixed wheel to find someone had stolen my mudguards.
    • A steel and aluminium chassis and aluminium mudguards first came out on a production car in 1900.
    • Tried fitting my old bike rack to discover the bolt is too small to hold both it and the rear mudguard, so the rear mudguard came off.
    • Chainguards and mudguards, or fenders (U.S.), protect clothes and moving parts from oil and spray.
    • On completion of the section I had a look at the front suspension and found that a 24 mm bolt, which holds the wheel in the centre of the mudguard, had vibrated loose and fallen off.
    • All mountain bikes without mudguards, lights or bells would be deemed to be ‘off-road vehicles’, and, as such, would not be permitted on public highways or, more particularly, pavements;
    • The new bike has been been restyled and will retain the original ‘infra-red’ colour, handlebars, elongated seat, back rest, chrome seat hoop and mudguards.
    • The missing machine cost £230 and is a Silver Saxon Freefall mountain bike with distinctive, non-standard yellow mudguards.
    • By 12.00 I'd bought the bike but had to wait three hours for them to fit the mudguards and rack, so I went to the Quay Arts Centre for tea.
    • The mudguards could be removed and all the other accessories that ensure safe riding done away with.
    • Numbers corresponding to seat numbers were chalked round the wheel of the bus, with a further mark on the mudguard.
    • New mudguards were ordered from the original coach-builders in the UK and the car was restored to its original pristine condition.
    • They came fully road-equipped with mudguards, silencer and, most conveniently - not to mention spectacularly - a tool kit.
    • For better visibility, he should wear white or light-coloured clothes at night and paint the mudguard white, in addition to fixing a lamp in front of the vehicle.
    • The main fold occurs centrally on the frame, followed by quick release of the handlebars, seat, and mudguard to compact into a light, manageable size.