Translation of muffled in Spanish:


sordo, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈməf(ə)ld/ /ˈmʌfld/

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  • 1

    (sound/shot/footsteps) sordo
    (sound/shot/footsteps) apagado
    • The room remained quiet with the exception of a few muffled sobs throughout the space.
    • However, halfway down the hall, she heard muffled sobs.
    • This afternoon, however, has the potential to offer Scotland followers a cause for muffled cheers.
    • Harsh fluorescent light would spill out from underneath a door in the corner, along with muffled moans.
    • He thought he could hear a muffled shout from the bedroom.
    • From the distance came a sound, a muffled shuffling of many feet.
    • Dialogue sounds perfectly crisp, with no muffled words or hissing.
    • Through the walls, Elaine could hear the muffled tones of her sister talking to her boyfriend.
    • There is a sound of muffled laughter from the film crew.
    • The muffled announcement of the next destination filtered through.
    • Muffled sound renders some of the dialogue inaudible, particularly a joke in the opening scene.
    • The occasional muffled whistle indicated that the train was catching up with me.
    • She hears a muffled cry that could be a sigh - or maybe a scream.
    • Muffled heavy breathing is heard throughout the sequence, like the breath of someone at the other end of the line.
    • His fingers had gripped the handle of the bell and, from inside the bag, came a muffled ringing.
    • I panicked, and let out a muffled yell.
    • She heard moans and laughter and from somewhere a muffled scream.
    • But then he felt the shaking of her body and heard the almost inaudible sound of a muffled sob.
    • But when she got to the bedroom, she heard a muffled noise coming from inside.
    • I recently had my CD player on and when my head went under the water, I heard the muffled sounds of the music.
  • 2

    (oars/hooves) enfundado
    (oars/hooves) (en una tela para amortiguar el ruido) envuelto
    (drum) enfundado