Translation of muffler in Spanish:


bufanda, n.

Pronunciation /ˈməf(ə)lər/ /ˈmʌflə/

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    bufanda feminine
    • He had wrapped himself well in muffler and shawl over jacket and kurta.
    • My God, the floor sagged under the weight of the parkas, sweaters, gloves, mufflers, and hats.
    • Pushing his chin deeper into the warmth of his muffler and pulling his jacket tighter around himself, he walked out of the house, and down the street.
    • He was a tall, lean, dark man with an ebullient waxed moustache; around his head he wrapped a woolly muffler.
    • Gloves and mittens, hats and mufflers littered the yard.
    • You don't even need heavy woolens, as in Gulmarg you'll be able to hire snowboots, mufflers, woollen socks, windproof jackets and caps.
    • The day of the party promises mittens and hats, mufflers and ski pants, toboggans and sleds.
    • Apart from their weight, driver comfort in those days usually meant a top coat, muffler and cap and you needed them, I assure you.
    • Inside, gloves and mufflers are removed, quilted jackets are unzipped.
    • He was a very old and dried-up man - one of those people who wear a sweater and a muffler over starched white kurta-pajamas even in summer.
    • On his hands was a pair of dark red, fingerless gloves, and around his neck was a black scarf, almost like a muffler.
    • In warm sunshine, Gould turned up in coat, beret, muffler and gloves, carrying his own collapsible piano stool.
    • Holding children's coats and mufflers against the cold wintry night, they greet each other and exchange neighborhood gossip.
    • Suddenly, it's hip to wear a chunky sweater, muffler, or hat that looks as if your grandmother made it.
    • Your new home will include a fireplace in the family room so that, after a day of sledding, the kids can warm chilled fingers and toes and hang soggy mittens and mufflers up to dry.
    • Waistcoats are everywhere, as are moustaches and mufflers, pipes and cigarettes.
    • If you'd rather look fresh as a daffodil, throw away your muffler, shake off the woolly hat and try these six simple, sexy looks.
    • When he owned Wimbledon, Sam Hammam made a habit of standing behind one of the goals during matches in his cloth cap and muffler.
    • Senior citizens may be happy taking out their knitted caps and heavy mufflers but for the younger and more trendy, putting away those short-sleeves and polo shirts need not mean bundling up in shapeless clothes.
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    • 2.1Music

      sordina feminine

    • 2.2US Motor Vehicles

      silenciador masculine
      mofle masculine Central America, Mexico
      • The gasoline engine, along with the muffler, catalytic converter, tailpipe and gas tank, were all removed.
      • In the case of the exhaust mufflers, titanium may offer greater service life than is offered by most materials.
      • They never need oil changes, air filters, tune-ups, mufflers, timing belts, or emission tests.
      • The EV1 driver points out that electric cars do not require the same kind of routine maintenance that combustion-engine cars and even hybrids do, like replacing mufflers, oil changes and smog checks.
      • I worried also about the nature of our neighborhood, which is a redneck Shangri-La of big dawgs, trucks with bad mufflers, heavily armed Gomers, and gangs of marauding feral boys with BB guns.
      • Enveloped in that smell, I would play grown up and sit in the office sometimes, studiously recording the numbers of the vehicles that came in for work on the twin ramps over the six-foot-deep pit where the mufflers were installed.
      • The wire-mesh grilles at the mouth of the city's drainage creeks frequently fill with beer cans, shopping carts, car mufflers, push-chairs and dead animals.
      • This goes beyond normal loud mufflers (which seem to be common in Thailand!).
      • The local manufacturers of noisy car mufflers should take example from our Bajan neighbours and show more concern for noise pollution on our roadways, especially in residential areas.
      • Trail bikes, cars and any machinery are a potential source of ignition so please ensure that mufflers are secure and flame proofed to avoid sparks igniting the countryside.
      • We hear the grader coming from the small community of Menggen down the road, scraping the track so people don't lose their mufflers on the way in.
      • The Manufacturing divisions manufacture core components such as engines as well as some non-core components, such as mufflers.
      • Before long he reached the Avenue, where the relaxed residential noises were replaced by the roar of motorcycles and cars with bad mufflers.
      • Numerous youngsters show off with their scooters and expensive racing motorcycles, which have no mufflers.
      • What ever happened to the legal requirement for vehicles to have intact noise mufflers?
      • They enter the city at dusk and there is a terrible noise because there are no mufflers on the cars.
      • Battered cars would do their best to tear up the tarmac some more as they blatted past, mufflers long-gone.
      • Stones echoed off the low undercarriage and flatulence from the holey muffler faded away down the road.
      • Joshua drove a Triumph sports car with a hole in its muffler: ‘Joshua's Triumph was heard throughout the land.’
      • This was one of the moments I thanked God I didn't put one of those mufflers on my car that made my engine sound 3 times louder.