Translation of mug shot in Spanish:

mug shot

foto, n.

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    (de archivo policial) foto feminine
    • The facial recognition system needs pictures from at least five different angles, and given that the Metropolitan Police doesn't handle mugshots that way, you can see the problem.
    • Since then, police have distributed mugshots to mosques and boarding houses across West Java and set up road blocks.
    • James Brown has been arrested for domestic violence - check out the police mugshot.
    • There's the Smoking Gun, which ferrets around to find court documents and police mugshots relating to major, usually celebrity-related cases.
    • Two more posters featuring 20 photos each will be released in the coming two weeks bringing the total number of mugshots released throughout the police campaign to 180.
    • The police showed him mugshots of the girlfriend, brother and mother and told him he'd been had.
    • The official state ID includes a laminated card and a mugshot on instant film, making it easy to reproduce.
    • The brothers are among 18 up-and-coming crime leaders whose mugshots are featured in the intelligence report.
    • In all likelihood, he fathomed, his mugshot would turn up on the news alongside a police appeal for witnesses to some crime or other.
    • Once the police had a camera, the number of photographs increased to become an archive of mugshots.
    • After getting arrested, Johnny Five gets his mugshot taken!
    • If he were in one of those mugshots, I just hope I could recognize him.
    • These were actually the mugshots of the two individuals before they were arrested.
    • But, in the case of apprehended celebrities, the numbered mugshot has another significance.
    • There is something profoundly disconcerting about these 1940s mugshots and, I suppose, the idea of having a collection of them.
    • After my luggage search, the officer took some mugshots of me, then proceeded to fingerprint me.
    • Anti-crime advice and mugshots of known offenders are given to partnership members to help them stop thefts.
    • Some of the files include prison records and mugshots that have never been made public before.
    • Persistent thief Gary Ellis claimed victory yesterday in a High Court battle to block his mugshot being used in a groundbreaking anti-crime poster campaign proposed by the police.
    • But look at the t-shirt the alleged intruder is wearing in his mugshot.