Traducción de muggins en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈməɡɪnz/ /ˈmʌɡɪnz/

nombreplural muggins

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    and muggins had to pay! y yo, el idiota de siempre tuve que pagar
    • The muggins here was driving so had to settle for a diet Coke.
    • On Tuesday it was pouring with rain and muggins here goes and stands too close to a HUGE puddle of water just as a bus came zipping past.
    • My e-mail domain expired on Saturday and muggins here hadn't renewed it… doh!
    • Why he couldn't have done that is beyond me, it was muggins here who had to spend an hour mopping the floor - not to mention all the other nonsense I have to do in the mornings anyway.
    • Guess who got caught today - that's right, muggins - yours truly.
    • They were flying muggins here to London at a time when it wasn't cheap, so I could meet these music business executives and talk about our fabulous career.
    • Fred was going to pay, but seeing as muggins here is the only one with an American Express card, I got landed with the bill instead.
    • He wasn't paid on time and unlike muggins here he intelligently resigned.
    • Of course, this means that muggins has to go and fix the leaky washing machine fitting pdq.