Translation of Muhammadan in Spanish:


mahometano, adj.

Pronunciation /mʊˈhɑmədən/ /mʊˈhaməd(ə)n/

Definition of mahometano in Spanish


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    • But I have a problem with some of your panelists, because I don't think Christ was a Christian, I don't think Buddha was a Buddhist, and I don't think that Mohammed was a Mohammedan.
    • As long back as the 13th century she preached non-violence, simple living and high thinking and became thus Lalla Arifa for Muhammadans and Lalleshwari for Hindus.
    • Another one, written in English and Arabic, was dedicated to the Muhammadan soldiers in Her Majesty's army who died while serving, and a third marker had nothing on it.
    • In contrast to the Christians, who persecuted not only pagans but each other, the Mohammedans were welcomed for their broadmindedness, and it was largely this that facilitated their conquests.
    • The shrine of a Mohammedan saint which is at the present day neglected and forgotten by Mohammedans, is worshipped by Hindus!
    • There is nothing in the requirements of Masonry to prevent a Catholic, a Mohammedan, a Jew, a Buddhist, a Protestant, a Mormon, or any member of any religion from becoming a member.
    • Even the Mohammedan religion has failed to excite his ferocity.
    • According to Uphof fruits preserved in cans, with salt water and sugar, are eaten by Muhammadan pilgrims during their journeys to Mecca.
    • Seventy per cent of the population was classified as Orthodox (including Old Believers), 11 per cent as Muhammadan, and 9 per cent as Catholics.


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    mahometano masculine
    mahometana feminine