Translation of mulligan in Spanish:


ropa vieja, n.

Pronunciation /ˈməlɪɡən/ /ˈmʌlɪɡ(ə)n/


(mulligan stew)
  • 1

    (guiso hecho a base de sobras de carne y verdura) ropa vieja feminine
    • The whole painting is a mulligan stew of form and gesture.
    • Instead, he seems never to have acknowledged such boundaries, seeing culture more as a mulligan stew than as an endeavor replete with categorical divisions and hierarchies.
    • But unfortunately, the film also tries to be a suspense thriller, a love story, and god knows what else, until it finally becomes what they used to call mulligan stew.
    • Ms. Chalmers shows how a simple beef stew can become a hearty mulligan, a Belgian carbonnade, a French boeuf bourguignon, or your own less classic invention.
    • Later Mrs. Blake recalled how the troop used to hike out to Brown’s Gulch and cook a ‘mulligan.’