Translation of multiethnic in Spanish:


multiétnico, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌməltiˈɛθnɪk/ /ˌməltaɪˈɛθnɪk/

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    • How do they cope with the inevitable tensions that arise in a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic and multi-religious society?
    • But he also suggested the cinema could help bring social cohesion in today's multi-ethnic British society.
    • It is certainly not, as is often assumed, an enlightened approach to running a multi-ethnic society.
    • White communities too have embraced change and adjusted to a multi-ethnic society.
    • There is an urgent need to improve the cross cultural validity of survey methods, particularly in multilingual, multi-ethnic societies
    • It was all to the good, as well, that the complex reality of a multi-ethnic society was more or less honestly addressed.
    • In our view that is simply not appropriate in an increasingly diverse, multi-ethnic society.
    • Can we build and strengthen a multi-ethnic army and security service before ethnic and tribal violence starts up again?
    • Ethiopia is a multi-ethnic state with a history of ethnic division.
    • His vision of Sri Lanka was of a united island-nation, multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and multi-religious.
    • London is a very multi-ethnic and cosmopolitan place.
    • The song would have to be multi-ethnic and multi-lingual so we can gain the support of the mainly immigrant communities in the other countries.
    • The UN has succeeded in organising elections, setting up local governing institutions and training a multi-ethnic police force.
    • We were multi-ethnic before the phrase was invented.
    • North Sumatra was picked because it is a multi-ethnic region, and is regarded as having a central role in Western Indonesia.
    • Clearly, this is a city obsessed with its own multi-ethnic mosaic and the cosmopolitan credibility it signifies.
    • A new constitution, due later this year, is expected to enshrine multi-ethnic values.
    • China has always been a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, and multi-dialect nation.
    • They will defend the unity and integrity of the multi-ethnic state.
    • Descendants and current members of this multi-ethnic working class continue to experience discrimination.