Traducción de multilayered en Español:


de varias capas, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌməltiˈleɪərd/ /ˈmʌltɪleɪəːd/

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    (sandwich/dessert/cake) de varias capas
    • It determines, for example, whether an epithelial sheet remains as a single cell layer or becomes multilayered.
    • This dense, multilayered narrative especially fascinated me because I, too, went to boarding school in the Himalayas.
    • This capsule then differentiates into a multilayered spore wall by deposition of materials between the double layers of the prospore membrane.
    • It is called a multilayered network because there are hidden layers between the input and output layers.
    • To ensure proper protection, furniture needs to be wrapped in what the packing trade refer to as ‘export wrap’, a multilayered and quilted heavy duty brown paper.
    • And he is telling them he's a multilayered person and sure, you mightn't like some things about him, but judge the whole after he's done the job for a while.
    • Have them demonstrate creative teaching methods when presenting their ideas so staff can receive multilayered benefits from each activity.
    • But the focus of the film is not on the scenery or the charms of its costumes; it's a complex and multilayered tale of love and loathing, desire and duty, class and character.
    • The careful eye is rewarded with visual puns and playful, ironic detail; the jokes are now as multilayered as the petticoats of a bustled dress.
    • We also tried a fancy item that wasn't on the list of desserts, a multilayered coffee, pistachio, vanilla and hazelnut sorbet cake, encased in chocolate.
    • Multicoloured, multilayered cakes and mousses abound, along with carambola, mango and cream pastry and pistachio and cappuccino squares.
    • Her work is colourful, poignant and multilayered.
    • His patter is one extended verbal riff, multilayered and often hilarious: it has more in common with stand-up comedy than with traditional talk radio.
    • I've only played it three times all the way through, but it's one of those multilayered collections of songs that is going to keep me going for several weeks, if not months.
    • This Asian-style concoction melds multilayered tastes, unfurling hints of cardamom, cloves and anise on the tongue.
    • The gun culture is a multilayered, multifaceted phenomenon made up of diverse, complex subcultures.
    • Here the multilayered presentation suits the complexity of the concept.
    • As a result, when you go to make a film you should approach it as though you were about to craft, from scratch, a major, multilayered text.
    • The music, although complex and multilayered, is mellow and soothing.
    • Meanwhile, some scientists are designing multilayered polymer films that might find use in delivering medicines to specific regions of the body.
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    (plot/drama/intrigue) intrincado