Translation of multilevel in Spanish:


de varias plantas, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌməltiˈlɛvəl/ /ˌməltaɪˈlɛvəl/ /ˈmʌltɪlɛv(ə)l/


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    de varias plantas
    de varios pisos
    • Garuda's 11-storey multilevel parking and two levels of basement parking will be able to accommodate 1,000 cars.
    • Potential biases caused by violation of the assumption of independence of observations at the client level were avoided using multilevel models.
    • Incremental backups are scheduled in a multilevel fashion, with the baseline for a given level being the previous lower-level backup.
    • As there are only four boards in Northern Ireland, we used dummy variables in the single level regression equations to control for this rather than multilevel modelling.
    • In multilevel modeling, coefficients from one level of analysis are passed on to the next.
    • It is symbolic, allegorical and multilevelled in meaning.
    • Essentially, the site is unconsolidated river silt which can present problems for multilevel buildings and will result in expensive extra foundation work.
    • Up to that point the audience is treated to a very interesting multilevel interpretation of Romeo and Juliet set in a Catholic boys school.
    • Note any indications of multilevel thinking or thought patterns that are advanced for their age group.
    • His lending is based on a multilevel reading system, based on trust.
    • The most basic and important concept the two writers share is the notion of literature as mystery, as multilevelled expression with hidden meanings.
    • The first was using multilevel curriculum, which called for students to learn the same curriculum content but with different expectations for outcome.
    • Lastly, school effects research could be strengthened through longitudinal studies, possibility through multilevel modeling.
    • Most people accommodate a complex system of multilevel, multidimensional, semi-compartmentalized beliefs and values.
    • Yet despite attempts to reduce adverse events through multilevel interventions and information technology, widespread change in the culture of health care remains elusive.
    • In summary, while multilevel analysis does have limitations that cannot be ignored, it is an important tool for determining contextual effects.
    • Building size varied from one-floor shack houses, two-story mansions, and multilevel apartment and office buildings.
    • Computer vendors now are building commercial operating systems with mandatory access controls and multilevel security.
    • Unusual boxes, old instrument cases, multilevel toolboxes and free-standing garment bags are used for toy setups.
    • One can conclude that European regional governance is likely to develop further in multilevel and asymmetrical directions.