Translation of multilingual in Spanish:


plurilingüe, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌməltiˈlɪŋɡwəl/ /ˌməltaɪˈlɪŋɡwəl/ /mʌltɪˈlɪŋɡw(ə)l/

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    • Pinpointing the source of crosslinguistic influences in the interlanguage of a multilingual speaker is less straightforward.
    • In all multilingual communities speakers switch among languages or varieties as monolinguals switch among styles.
    • This model, to a certain extent, has encouraged students to be multilingual in their ethnic language, Indonesian and English.
    • Many factors influence language dominance in multilingual speakers.
    • The local people were actually multilingual; they often spoke three, four, five languages.
    • This is perhaps the most multilingual area in the world.
    • As a result, Singapore and Malaysia are multilingual countries.
    • It is therefore a challenge to applied linguists to see how education systems can contribute to the promotion of more just multilingual societies.
    • This seems silly until you have multilingual dictionaries installed.
    • Western culture is monolingual; ours multilingual and oral.
    • It is also timely given the growing interest in multilingual information retrieval involving East Asian languages.
    • Many Indians are multilingual and speak several Indian languages.
    • Most Sumu and Miskito are multilingual, speaking Spanish in school and their native language at home.
    • If you are already multilingual, use all the languages you know, especially in front of small children.
    • A child may be born in a multilingual home setting or speak a home language different from the society.
    • Our students have to become multilingual with English as their second language.
    • A once multilingual population is on the way to becoming monolingual or at the best bilingual.
    • If there is bilingual and multilingual education in the K - 12 system, why not in higher education?
    • Given the diverse populations and multilingual settings, bilingual education may be assumed to have been in order.
    • Such successes are little surprise, but what inhibits many companies is the price of developing a multilingual presence online.