Translation of multinational in Spanish:


multinacional, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌməltiˈnæʃ(ə)n(ə)l/ /ˌməltaɪˈnæʃ(ə)n(ə)l/ /mʌltɪˈnaʃ(ə)n(ə)l/

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    • After all, that's a typical age for a CEO of a large, multinational organization.
    • He had been a finance manager in a multinational organization in Mumbai with almost 12 years of experience.
    • Its customers range in size from small businesses to multinational corporations.
    • Other actors such as multinational corporations or international organizations all have to work within the framework of inter-state relations.
    • They can accommodate the individual, the small business, and the multinational corporation.
    • The imperial state operates in synergy with its multinational corporations.
    • The WTO has been accused of giving too much room for multinational corporations to expand their businesses without proper control.
    • When the Big Five came to China a decade ago, they only served their existing multinational clients operating in China.
    • Want to know how governments act to crush independent business while protecting multinational oil cartels?
    • We set up an archive business for multinational firms some years ago.
    • The problem is when multinational corporations are able to operate transnationally without the democratic social controls that operate at national levels.
    • They are saying the only route to sustainable development is partnership with business and self regulation of multinational corporations.
    • China, for instance, was opened up to multinational corporations run by Chinese businesspeople who had lived or studied abroad.
    • Smaller farms in Britain and Africa go out of business as they struggle to compete with multinational operations.
    • For many multinational firms doing business in unfamiliar countries, it made sense to create joint ventures with local firms.
    • He is proud to be the MD of a multinational business here.
    • Right now multinational business enjoys a relatively borderless world.
    • A global system implies the emergence of multinational companies which operate in a number of states, and which own especial loyalty to no one state.
    • Primary producers in all regions of the world would lose as prices are forced down by multinational traders.
    • Account holders vary as well, from individuals through to multinational enterprises and governments.
    • The resolution would authorise a multinational force sought by some potential troop-contributing nations led by the US.
    • A warlord in the Solomon Islands surrendered Wednesday to a multinational intervention force in the South Pacific island nation.
    • As long as they remain reliant on the multinational forces, it will be difficult to create a national consensus that will allow the elections to succeed.
    • If the United States continues to enter conflicts as a partner of a multinational force, it will have to observe international laws.
    • But a statement from the multinational forces said only four passengers in the bus were killed and four wounded when the bus was caught in the crossfire.
    • Now according to multinational forces, the U.S. aircraft dropped this bomb in the courtyard of a house, the damage plain to see.
    • Most contentiously, Pakistan's military ruler has allegedly agreed to allow a multinational force to be stationed inside the country's borders.
    • On the face of it, leading a multinational force of peacekeepers to Guadalcanal should be a relatively uncontroversial exercise.
    • It authorizes the multinational force to remain in Iraq to help ensure security but gives the Iraqi government the right to ask the force to leave at any time.
    • And the State Department has already indicated that a multinational force will be sent to the Haiti soon.
    • There were battalions of multinational forces of hired fighters, who went to work for the dictator or guerrilla leader who paid their price.
    • He's asked the multinational forces to stay there and to help him.
    • Recent surveys showed that a majority of the electorate opposed Japanese participation in the multinational force.
    • Special forces have the advantage of being a niche capability that can be quickly assimilated into a multinational force.
    • A multinational force of US, French and Italian units then moved in.
    • Multilateralists can argue that the presence of a multinational force made all the difference.
    • But they're still going to have to do a lot of work to get a much needed multinational force on board.
    • This year I noticed that a few multinational organizations have begun sending releases in more than one language.


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    multinacional feminine
    • Ireland's drinks market is dominated by the multinationals but one smaller operation is making inroads.
    • We have seen multinationals scale back their operations here over the past months.
    • Let's talk more generally about multinationals operating in developing countries.
    • There can be no compromise with the banks, financial institutions and multinationals.
    • Several multinationals funded the office and hired two workers to run it.
    • It covers all large Indian companies and multinationals that strongly believe in patents.
    • But the slump in prices is also down to the growing power of the big multinationals that buy the produce.
    • Perhaps some are, but maybe the top level managers in many multinationals just haven't got what it takes.
    • The top five tobacco multinationals have annual revenues in excess of $100 billion.
    • We have handed over local food production and distribution to multinationals and countries we have no control over.
    • It caters to the recruitment needs of indigenous Irish firms as well as multinationals based here.
    • The multinationals and their advertising companies were always quick to incorporate signs of otherness.
    • Many more jobs are being quietly eroded in the small firms that supply multinationals.
    • It could organise manufacturing for multinationals which prefer to concentrate on selling their products.
    • It is also winning business from multinationals that often want small local offices but do not want to commit to long term leases.
    • Several Asian tech multinationals already use India as a product development base.
    • The idea was to create companies capable of competing with foreign multinationals.
    • Failure to adopt it could lead to companies being shunned by some of the world's biggest multinationals.
    • It was an attempt to wrest back control from a globalised economy where the multinationals rule.
    • While this would bring more money into the coffers of government, it would leave control with the multinationals.