Translation of multipack in Spanish:


multipack, n.

Pronunciation /ˈməltipæk/ /ˈmʌltɪpak/


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    multipack masculine
    • They sell the teensy bags you get in supermarket multipacks at full price.
    • The calcium-enhanced yogurts, available nationally in mid-June, are sold in six-cup multipacks and are offered in several flavor combinations.
    • Other products include extended-shelf-life and aseptic products in single-serve containers sold at convenience stores and multipacks at club stores.
    • It produced multipacks of the chocolate bars.
    • For both components, consumers win by spotting a specially labeled can or bottle in 12-packs and larger multipacks.
    • As there are regularly special offers, vast multipacks and other confusing permutations on display, sometimes the only way to get the best possible deal is to take a calculator.
    • The company randomly inserted 17 million blue sachets into individual and multipacks of crisps.
    • I can get 25 points and a multipack of dairy milk bars.
    • Feel things may be getting excessive when a multipack of batteries doesn't even come close to filling your toys.
    • Son has proved he can eat a multipack of chocolate biscuits leaving Dad upset because there were none left for him.
    • When the company first introduced its Lowfat Yogurt for kids three years ago, it was packaged in quarts, even though competitors offered yogurt in small, convenient multipacks.
    • A similar instant-win game running across 4.5 million multipacks offers 22,000 different prizes, ranging in value from $3 to $90.
    • And could it do so without cutting into consumers' normal buying behavior of single and multipacks?
    • Another volume leader are new grocery multipacks with double-digit sales increases.
    • For example, kids' juice is available in a multipack of six 8-ounce cartons.
    • Many Spanish families will have a ham on the go in the same way crasser Northern European families might have a family multipack of crisps.
    • Ike came back in, clutching a six-pack of beer and a multipack of chips.
    • Other forms of tobacco advertising included multipack discounts and tobacco branded items such as shopping carts, counter mats, and cigarette vending machines.
    • But as children get older, the energy-sapping effect of the flickering screen insulates them in their own private world, leaving them only just enough energy to channel-hop or open that multipack of crisps.
    • Premium brand manufacturers also had to be price competitive offering more buy-one/get-one free deals and other multipack offers.