Translation of multiplicity in Spanish:


multiplicidad, n.

Pronunciation /ˌməltəˈplɪsədi/ /ˌmʌltɪˈplɪsɪti/

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    multiplicidad feminine
    gran diversidad feminine
    • That means the state should fund a system which offered a multiplicity of schools - grammar schools, yes, but many other types of specialisms, too.
    • The word ‘racism’ can cover a multiplicity of sins and doesn't really describe what I went through.
    • This classic narrative structure theoretically permits a multiplicity of perspectives.
    • The abuse of women stems from a multiplicity of cultural circumstances influenced by power relations.
    • For some hardline individuals on a great number of issues there simply is no room for debate or a multiplicity of opinion at all.
    • The site is suitable for a multiplicity of uses subject to planning permission.
    • Currently, local police forces have to address a multiplicity of demands on their resources.
    • It has a multiplicity of meanings, as I hope has become clear.
    • Having the Web's multiplicity of information at our fingertips empowers and diminishes us.
    • The world is now turning towards India because such multiplicity of cultures is not found anywhere else.
    • It is this multiplicity of choices that drives a consumer society.
    • Future research should attempt to assess the complexity or multiplicity of roles that constitute the work role.
    • However, the biological significance of this multiplicity of enzymes remains unclear.
    • Moreover, it simply would not be possible to abandon this multiplicity of struggles.