Translation of mummify in Spanish:


momificar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈməməˌfaɪ/ /ˈmʌmɪfʌɪ/

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transitive verb mummifies, mummifying, mummified

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    • In ancient Egypt, people were mummified in order to help them attain eternal life.
    • This explains why the Egyptians mummified the dead: so that the ka, on its return, would find the body not decomposed.
    • More than 2,000 years ago, a roll of papyrus with extensive writings was enshrouded with a body that was mummified for preservation.
    • Could the solution be that these ancient Britons had been mummified?
    • A highly effective desiccator, this mineral - in the form of a paste called natron - was one of the ingredients used by ancient Egyptians to mummify their queens and kings.
    • The ancient Egyptians mummified more than just human corpses.
    • He, therefore, knew very well that his body would be mummified like those of his predecessors whose royal relics he had looked after.
    • The Site of Apis is famous for the sacred animal of god Ptah, the Apis bull that was mummified here prior to its being buried.
    • In ancient Egypt, cats and dogs were mummified because they were believed to have an afterlife, and Egyptian Gods had animal heads.
    • The pharaohs were mummified using plants, herbs, spices, and minerals.
    • He said the vast majority of these animals were mummified because of their link with ancient Egyptian gods.
    • The Egytpians mummified their dead because they believed a person needed a preserved body in order to survive in the afterlife.
    • The body of the dead cat would be taken to the city of Bubastis, home of the goddess Bastet, where it would be mummified and buried in a cat cemetery.
    • Although the tomb dates from 1330 B.C., the researchers believe the lion was probably mummified and buried during a later Egyptian dynasty in the final centuries before Christ.
    • They were often mummified - and, sometimes, mice were also entombed with the cats, to keep them well-fed on their metaphorical journey to the next world.
    • There was however great inequality in preparation for eternal life. The Pharaohs and other royals, nobles and key officials were mummified and accompanied by grave goods and great treasure.
    • The completely wrapped mummified infant under investigation was detected in the upper level of the tomb chamber.
    • Followers of the goddess Bast, the goddess of pleasure, created sanctuaries with bronze statues of cats and mummified hundreds of thousands of cats.

intransitive verb mummifies, mummifying, mummified

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