Translation of munch in Spanish:


mascar, v.

Pronunciation /mən(t)ʃ/ /mʌn(t)ʃ/

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transitive verb

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intransitive verb

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    she just sat there munching away estaba ahí sentada mastica que te mastica
    • as I talked, she munched away at an apple mientras yo hablaba, ella mordisqueaba una manzana
    • And so, as crunchy pizza was munched and enjoyed, and meal-time books read, the episode passed.
    • Lily made herself a sandwich for dinner and munched the remaining slice of bread.
    • I munched the crunchy bit of seed that was left, swallowed and reached out for more.
    • Spent the afternoon munching digestives, which were the low fat alternative that shatter all over the desk and your lap.
    • All three were calmly munching the grass quite happy and at peace.
    • Do any of us really feel in the mood for getting dolled up and munching our way through a three-course meal at the moment?
    • We sat in the window, munching croissants and sipping scalding hot coffee, watching the world go by.
    • Fifteen minutes later we were sitting in the kitchen munching a late lunch and leafing through our new books.
    • An eight-year-old bounced up with her squash and munching a biscuit during the break.
    • It's the classic tale of a caterpillar who munches his way through apples, plums, pears and strawberries, before turning into a beautiful butterfly.
    • My son had the leftovers for supper and I heard him exclaiming his delight as he munched his way through the last few bits.
    • He munched his way through 165 kernels, picking them up with a toothpick.
    • I fixed lunch, we munched it quietly, and I took myself off for a half-hour of feet up time in readiness for the outing.
    • Just munched my way through a fantastic casserole and half a bottle of really-very-good Chilean Merlot.
    • Here I munched my sandwich and watched a sheep carefully and daintily nibble flowerheads off thistles.
    • By the age of five, a child will have munched their way through £2,935 worth of food.
    • I got rid of them while I munched my toast and drank the first of about a dozen cups of tea.
    • Summer is the time when local fields are groaning with fresh strawberries and visitors can munch their way around the strawberry patches.
    • It becomes an addiction - you can quite happily sit there and munch your way through a whole loaf.
    • The best way to test a chilli for strength is to munch a bit before cooking.