Translation of mung in Spanish:


Pronunciation /məŋ/ /mʌŋ/ /muːŋ/


(mung bean)
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    semilla cuyo brote se utiliza en la cocina oriental
    • The mung bean, similar in size to urd but with a green coat, gives a light, delicate dal of a cream or yellow colour with green flecks.
    • Chinese cabbage, cucumber, dill, lambsquarter, lettuce, mung bean, oats, purslane, radish, spinach and watercress may contain more potassium on a dry weight basis than tomato and Noni (if their unpublished analysis was correct).
    • For a welcome grounding among such high-pitched flavors, there's a soft hunk of roasted eggplant, a ribbon of blanched snow pea or julienned carrot, or the watery relief of a mung bean sprout.
    • The dose is two or three pills the size of a mung bean, two or three times a day.
    • Taking dainty bites of his kale, mung bean and brown rice dinner at his apartment recently, he says he takes pleasure in enraging as many as possible with his anti-establishment antics.
    • Here the conception was changed when green mung bean tofu was put in front of me.
    • I mean, in what way is this kind of lifestyle compatible with tofu, mung bean or provamel soya drinks?
    • Last night the vegetable was cauliflower-potato-peas, and along with that there was sprouted moong (i.e., mung bean sprouts) cooked in a thin sauce with yoghurt and a little chickpea flour, like a kadhi.
    • Many of the foods served on these occasions are similar, although the latter has some special dishes, such as a square of glutinous rice, pork and mung bean cake called banh trung.
    • Eat light yet nourishing foods such as mung bean soup for a few days to allow your digestion to adjust.
    • Pasta can be made from soft wheat, durum wheat, buckwheat, rice, soya beans and mung beans.
    • We raise 10 beetle larvae on black-eyed beans and 10 on mung beans, and we measure their size as adults.
    • On the specials menu, you'll encounter colonies of tapioca balls swimming in a milky, curiously refreshing cinnamon liquid, and a less refreshing pineapple granité mixed in a frosty glass with a helping of mung beans.
    • The huge, green-lentil dosa based on mung beans is a delicious triangle filled with a delicately textured, well-seasoned stuffing.
    • It consists of plain steamed rice served with beef stew, salted eggs, fried beancurd, tempeh, cucumber, basil, mung beans and chili sauce.
    • I am given bhel puri delicately served in a small portion followed by the best version of the humble green sprouted moong dal served on a one-inch dia papad.
    • Almonds, rice, honey, fresh sweet fruits, mung beans and easy-to-digest, fresh seasonal vegetables and leafy greens are examples of Sattvic foods.
    • Raw bean sprouts, such as alfalfa, chickpea, lentil, and mung, have natural toxins that are only broken down by cooking.