Translation of municipal in Spanish:


municipal, adj.

Pronunciation /mjuˈnɪsəpəl/ /mjʊˈnɪsɪp(ə)l/

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    • Schools and municipal offices were closed to enable pupils and employees to attend.
    • On the same day, the municipal council broke down in half an hour in similar circumstances.
    • The municipal government has been taking steps to solve the city's housing problems.
    • Lack of transport and funds for the city and municipal councils lead to huge piles of garbage.
    • At that time, they thought of it as a symbol of care from the municipal government.
    • The powers given to a municipal government must be exercised for the purpose for which they are given.
    • To top it off, the last two municipal elections have barely produced an effective council.
    • The electricity industry is currently largely under state and municipal control.
    • The council confirmed that the land in question is held as an endowment for municipal purposes.
    • The normal procedure is that the complaint can be lodged at any municipal office.
    • The mayor is obliged to follow decisions made by the municipal council and to report to it.
    • I think everyone who was working on the higher floors at the municipal offices felt it.
    • The refurbished house was among municipal properties the council had wanted to be sold.
    • The turnout, in fact, was nearly double that in the municipal elections a year ago.
    • If your focus is a local issue, your municipal planning department may be able to help.
    • The savage reduction in town hall powers has increased the inclination to use the municipal vote as a protest.
    • You can see the social and psychological reasons underlying municipal policies.
    • Presently there is a prior city bylaw banning smoking in all municipal buildings.
    • They work mainly in the municipal administration and are in a position of authority.
    • Curbs on municipal power resulted in part from concerns about public subsidies to railways.