Translation of murderer in Spanish:


criminal, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmərdərər/ /ˈməːd(ə)rə/

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  • 1

    criminal masculine, feminine
    homicida masculine, feminine formal
    asesino masculine
    asesina feminine
    • They're a charming trio, even if two are murderers and the other is an expert forger and financial trickster.
    • It is so easy to say that murderers should be hanged, but what if they have been framed, or the evidence isn't up to scratch.
    • Many of my fellow students thought that murderers should have the same done unto them as they had done to others, an eye for an eye.
    • I expect more people could name one or more of the murderers than even one of the people they murdered.
    • The existence of such draconian punishment is a reflection of a culture that has no time for thieves and murderers.