Translation of Murphy's Law in Spanish:

Murphy's Law

Pronunciation /ˌmərfiz ˈlɔ/ /ˈməːfɪz/


informal, humorous
  • 1

    el principio según el cual si algo puede salir mal, mal seguro que saldrá
    • Alas Murphy's Law even applied to Saturday's replay as the game, which had a 2 o'clock throw-in, went to extra time after the sides were still deadlocked after a second hour's football.
    • Damned Murphy's Law, the year my batch took their ‘A’ Levels, Chinese wasn't necessary anymore.
    • Let me tell you, I am going to call the project ‘Project Murphy’ because I have never seen anything follow Murphy's Law so absolutely.
    • For the first time in my life I'm actually keen to go to the doctor - which of course swings Murphy's Law into full effect.
    • If there were a Murphy's Law of Economic Collapse, it would hold that as jobs disappear and wages plummet, the price of your dream house will skyrocket.
    • ‘I suppose we can thank Murphy's Law for this one,’ grumbled Iris.
    • But Murphy's Law has reared its ugly but honest head and said: ‘You wanted to be the boss so badly?’
    • But since there is something called the Murphy's Law we always keep a contingency plan.
    • Yes, the famous Murphy's Law is considered to be a basic engineering principle.
    • But Murphy's Law tends to prevail in these situations, doesn't it?
    • The young man who was serving me took my credit card over to the till for swiping, fumbled, and dropped it down the side of the desk where, unerringly following Murphy's Law, it slipped straight down a crack between that desk and the next.
    • I'm just back from a week in what is supposed to be ‘sunny’ Lanzarote, but this being Murphy's Law after all, it was cloudy, cold and rained for the week.
    • It's classic Murphy's Law though, you see newspapers everywhere, until the day you're actually seeking a specific one, and you never find it.
    • Of course, it's Murphy's Law that the day before had seen the dramatically craggy Cradle Mountain enjoying one of the thirty or so days a year in which its bathed in glorious sunshine.
    • Truly I was the living embodiment of Murphy's Law, snatching defeat out of the jaws of victory every time…
    • Students of Murphy's Law will instantly see the potential for mayhem.
    • This man just loves to blame any random mishap or occurrence of Murphy's Law on people.
    • It seemed like a hybrid of the bad luck of Murphy's Law and the drama of a Shakespearean play.
    • It was too big for us to step on it and as Murphy's Law dictates, we had no water or anything liquid nearby, we thought the best thing would be to drop some snow on the fire we had on the carpet.
    • Now people who run things, people who design and build buildings, bridges, cars, trucks whatever, the good ones all have one single thing in common - and that's a deep respect for Murphy's Law.