Translation of muscle-bound in Spanish:


demasiado musculoso, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈməsəl ˌbaʊnd/


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    demasiado musculoso
    • Fast bowlers are supposed to be muscle-bound hunks who stride around with a permanent scowl, not cheerful lads with blonde highlights and a good sense of humour..
    • Lined up alongside bulkier, muscle-bound rivals, he looks like the underdog.
    • But they admit that the rewards for success are so great that athletes continue to pump up their already muscle-bound bodies to lift even heavier weights.
    • Paul dreamt he was a strong, muscle-bound titan.
    • We had some characters that were portly, rather than muscle-bound.
    • The behemoth's neck was too stout and muscle-bound, though, for his choke-hold to be effectual.
    • The other young man is not very tall, a bit too muscle-bound for my taste, and has that short spiky hair almost-shaved-at-the-side that I find most unattractive.
    • He was relegated to playing muscle-bound clods in a string of second-rate films.
    • I certainly know that if I had to wear one of those tight pairs of shorts and parade around in front of the regular, muscle-bound gorillas who seem to live in fitness centres, I'm sure I'd begin to feel even more stressed out.
    • There's more to strength then simply being a muscle-bound gym bunny.
    • Contrary to what many believe, student-athletes on the football team are not the bunch of muscle-bound, barbaric bimbos that we are so often perceived to be.
    • In those days, weight training was frowned upon as coaches thought it would make athletes muscle-bound, hampering performance.
    • The guy on the treadmill in front of me was muscle-bound, had a shaved head, and was wearing one of those tank tops with armholes cut down to his waist.
    • With his cane, his downcast eyes, and bandy legged gait, he is the antithesis of Hollywood muscle-bound steroid cases.
    • Of course, there are two sides to every coin and not all bouncers are muscle-bound, impotent meatheads.
    • He is careful with his weightlifting, not wanting to get muscle-bound, which would rob him of the upper-body flexibility he needs to produce bat speed.
    • Though not exactly muscle-bound, he had a strong, athletic build.
    • As a young child I was instantly drawn in by its muscle-bound heroes and action-packed battles.
    • He is well-known for his muscle-bound physique.
    • The muscle-bound, vegan, fitness-fanatic doesn't look like most men his age.