Translation of Muscovy duck in Spanish:

Muscovy duck

pato almizclado, n.


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    pato almizclado masculine
    • Here I observed a number of domestic ducks, including a Muscovy duck, a mallard hybrid, and the Pekin duck, along with a greylag goose.
    • The Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said Muscovy ducks are not considered wildlife and are not protected birds.
    • Imprint was right to point out that Millie was a Muscovy duck - a native of South America.
    • Three things that I didn't know earlier about Muscovy ducks: They are strong fliers, they like to perch on houses, gates, trees, fences and barn roofs, and they are really quite tame.
    • Since the good rain, snails have bred up, take action now to get a Muscovy ducks, or remove the snails by hand or use snail bait, particularly on seedlings.
    • Its primary ingredient is heart and liver cells from Muscovy ducks.
    • One or two Muscovy ducks will keep your garden free of snails and are not noisy as some breeds of ducks can be.
    • In the elegant Alexander Girard-designed room, choose from a wine list of several hundred vintages and entrées like black pepper Muscovy duck steak, which reflects the region's Spanish influences.
    • Rack of lamb and five-spiced Muscovy duck are both beautifully prepared, just as the John Dory with tomato and the sea bass with fennel are both tender as a child's first yawning, but the results are too placid.
    • The bland blue-fin-tuna carpaccio seemed to have been previously frozen, and my salad of thinly sliced Muscovy duck tasted properly gamy but dry as shoe leather.
    • The menu here is diverse and includes albacore ceviche, crispy pizza with chorizo sausage, and Muscovy duck confit with white beans.
    • If you're angling toward red meat, order the sweetly gamy Muscovy duck, or the lamb, which is encased in a pepper crust.