Translation of musical box in Spanish:

musical box

caja de música, n.


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    caja de música feminine
    • But a musician is not a musical box, he is a human being; he must always have something to say.
    • In the final scene, he absently opens a musical box.
    • As a toddler I got one of those wind-up musical boxes that played ‘Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head’, this has therefore, given the fact that I had a relatively happy childhood, ended up as one of those songs I love and which makes me smile.
    • The exhibition of instruments, ranging from tiny musical boxes to a huge Wurlitzer cinema organ, will be enhanced by the grant, which has been made available by the Heritage Lottery Fund.
    • I was surprised to learn the the Victorians had a sense of humour: they created a novelty bustle for Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee which contained a musical box and played God Save the Queen when the wearer sat down!
    • Another musical box with cylinder and comb action reached £1, 250.
    • The main rhythmic impetus is provided by a looped fragment, possibly sourced from a musical box.
    • He gave me little presents like glass figurines, flower combs, musical boxes, and the likes.
    • On one of the tables, he noticed a beautifully-crafted musical box placed next to a set of old leather bound books.