Translation of musicality in Spanish:


musicalidad, n.

Pronunciation /ˌmjuzəˈkælədi/ /mjuːzɪˈkaləti/


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    musicalidad feminine
    • I have often wondered whether the richness of his voice overshadowed the essence of his musicality.
    • It is rare to see a violinist so young who has not only great poise, but also a wonderful sense of musicality.
    • He brought well-trained musicality to each of his roles.
    • Easy to memorize and exciting to perform, every solo will build confidence and musicality in students.
    • I wanted to develop my voice and my musicality as much as I could.
    • She danced all the ballerina roles in the repertoire, bringing great authority and musicality to everything she danced.
    • Her natural musicality and artistic precision were striking!
    • She is a singer with musicality and sensitivity.
    • The children we examine must have very good musicality and responsiveness to rhythm.
    • The older dancers I work with notice an increasing lack of musicality in their younger colleagues.
    • Many of the composers presented were new to the audience, and produced works of revelatory musicality and quality.
    • I think a lot of folks will be surprised at the musicality and quality production on the record.
    • The other songs are characteristic of the band, maintaining musicality, but always experimental.
    • I've been enjoying hearing people speak in foreign languages - I've got no idea what they're saying but there's always a musicality to it.
    • He's wildly innovative in his use of instruments, but never lets his experimentation get in the way of the musicality of a work.
    • The use of musicality, in speech, as in singing, is an essential part of the process of communicating ideas.
    • The finished product is always one of exceptional standards and rare musicality.
    • It is a beautiful ensemble piece that accentuates musicality and fluid movement.
    • I was very conscious of the musicality of the language.
    • The musicality of song birds and humpback whales makes nature more interesting.