Translation of mutable in Spanish:


mutable, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈmjudəb(ə)l/ /ˈmjuːtəb(ə)l/

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    mutable formal
    • However, the dynamic, mutable nature of open source often results in complexity.
    • It is, without doubt, a very exciting, innovative, constantly changing, hugely mutable and malleable tool.
    • In this fiction the main characters are mutable, changing with the environment.
    • That media is mutable and can shift around their environment to meet their wishes and needs.
    • The former is fluid, mutable, and, above all, contested.
    • Because of its mutable, unstable, and floating quality, eroticism often turns up in places where it might be assumed to have been completely eradicated.
    • It is, rather, simply a part of the personal developmental experience, formally mutable and changing frequently.
    • Flexible, adaptable and mutable are adjectives not normally applied to Capricorns.
    • But all truth isn't mutable, because some things can't be changed.
    • My beliefs are mutable and transmittable and who I am is constantly changing.
    • Everything was mutable: eye color, hair color, skin tone.
    • Meanwhile, mutable interpretation and reaction will always be there.
    • Daily life gets a different kind of soundtrack, endlessly mutable and instantly reconfigurable.
    • Living in an ex-colony, I've discovered, means that place-names are highly mutable.
    • It also lines pop up with genetic engineering, the idea of the human form in the 21st Century becoming fascinatingly mutable.
    • His narratives, in which he translates current events, are too allegorical to be history, yet too mutable to be myth.
    • Their meaning seems overwhelmingly important but mutable, depending on the context.
    • A website is a mutable message that maintains the same reference.
    • Given this endlessly mutable document, how to tell when there's a useful revision and not an in-progress one?
    • As the questioning continues, it becomes apparent that truth is slippery and mutable.