Translation of mysteriously in Spanish:


misteriosamente, adv.

Pronunciation /məˈstɪriəsli/ /mɪˈstɪərɪəsli/


  • 1

    all the photos had mysteriously vanished todas las fotos habían desaparecido misteriosamente
    • He died mysteriously in 1849 at the age of 40.
    • Along the rocky paths Buddhist monks appear like ghosts and vanish mysteriously into the trees.
    • Computers are fallible; some of the computer voting machines in this election failed mysteriously and irrecoverably.
    • Not only had they appeared mysteriously, but the caterpillars vanished equally suddenly.
    • He has been mysteriously silent on the subject of privatization.
    • This turned out to be right, unless you think that every opinion poll has been mysteriously and inexplicably wrong.
    • His last wife mysteriously drowned in an empty bathtub three years ago.
    • The cost of taking part in these schemes is always mysteriously absent from the initial marketing blurb.
    • During his first period in Spain he fell seriously and mysteriously ill, and spent some time in hospital.
    • Then one day, many months after they've written the code, the program crashes mysteriously.
  • 2

    (say/smile) con cierto misterio
    • I imagined myself in a flowing green gown, hiding mysteriously behind a feathered mask.
    • "And I've got just the thing to distract him," she finished mysteriously.
    • "There's more to come yet," he said mysteriously.
    • "Oh, I wouldn't say that," Anna replied mysteriously.
    • Turning around, Kim faced Alan, grinning mysteriously.
    • "I want many things but I doubt this coffee store could give them to me," Hyde replied mysteriously.
    • He declared mysteriously that he would like Nick to meet with Jordan to discuss a certain matter.
    • A guy known mysteriously as "GST" e-mailed me about my article.
    • In a recent interview, he spoke mysteriously of a yet-to-be-unveiled project he calls the "life box".
    • The poem is often regarded as one of the most intensely if mysteriously beautiful of Shakespeare's works.