Translation of mystery in Spanish:


misterio, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmɪst(ə)ri/

Definition of misterio in Spanish

nounplural mysteries

  • 1

    • 1.1(puzzle)

      misterio masculine
      Mary's a real mystery Mary es un auténtico misterio
      • it's a mystery to me how she puts up with him para mí es un misterio cómo logra aguantarlo
      • Contrary to public perceptions, science can help understand and explain the mysteries of emotion.
      • However all was explained and the mystery was solved very quickly.
      • The technique of the mystery is thus explained, but the mystery remains.
      • Once that is understood, other mysteries solve themselves.
      • All it requires is a flicker of disorientation, an unexpected jolt, or an encounter with a mystery too spooky to explain, and it's off.
      • I've left you a couple of phone messages and emails and assume that you will explain the mystery of the disappearing diaries to me at some point.
      • I wish someone would explain to me the mystery behind gas pricing.
      • Perhaps the dominant colour scheme will be amber and that explains the mystery.
      • Well I have no idea and I think the mystery will never be explained, but now do you see how easy it is for me to get mixed up.
      • And the trouble is that there does not seem to be any impartial source that can explain these mysteries to me, without having a personal agenda!
      • Indeed, his Japanese publisher has been so inundated by bemused readers that they have set up a website to explain some of the mysteries of the book.
      • The struggles of the American writer to explain the deep mysteries of the British character are pure joy.
      • Two leading theories explain the population mystery.
      • I cannot explain the mystery of what went wrong.
      • That lack of success has always been something of a mystery, and there are various unproven hypotheses to explain away the mystery.
      • Science has gained much through the years but has stopped short in its attempts to understand the ultimate mystery of life.
      • Many theories have been given to explain the extraordinary mystery of these missing ships and planes.
      • And yet we never cease trying to explain the mystery of sport: why it means so much to so many and why we are so curious about those who succeed at it.
      • When we came to understand the customs of this extraordinary people the mystery was explained.
      • They're looking to solve the mystery, and there are a lot of questions that are unanswered right now.

    • 1.2(quality)

      misterio masculine
      mystery guest invitado sorpresa
      • mystery story cuento de misterio
      • mystery trip viaje sorpresa
      • The Valley was wedged in-between the two countries, being obscured in mystery and darkness and confusion.
      • Ambassadors used to have a scent of mystery, secrecy and even of romance about them.
      • In the days when he worked for the CIA, the agency was shrouded in secrecy and cloaked in mystery.
      • Somehow, the town itself, retains its air of mystery, and mediaeval ambience, despite the cell phone shops, supermarket, and mini shopping mall opposite the car park.
      • The creation of life in general and of the human person in particular is a thing we can know a little about, but also a thing which is shrouded in impenetrable mystery.
      • The subject is surrounded in mystery, superstition, secrecy, and most interesting of all, real magic!
      • The pseudonyms gave the sisters an aura of mystery and secrecy, so much so that some readers believed that all three were one person or that they were males.
      • The darkness lends an air of mystery and foreboding.
      • For as long as I can remember, there is a beautiful altar cut from the rocky face of a heavily wooded hill, which shelters this place and gives it its air of seclusion and mystery.
      • Beyond that, as they say, it is shrouded in mystery.
      • Already sales of the book are going well and Kieran is confident that once again children will lap-up the air of mystery and suspense surrounding his books.
      • I just don't see any justification for an air of mystery here.
      • Yet, the air of mystery surrounding each character never dissipates, even after the last line of each monologue is spoken.
      • If I've ever had an air of mystery, it's by default.
      • He says that its origins ‘have long been shrouded in mystery and controversy.’
      • What keeps people hunting these things is the air of mystery that surrounds them - which is all too easily dispelled.
      • They maintain an air of mystery by wearing masks or hoods.
      • The book's jacket says only that he ‘lives off the grid’, which presumably is intended to create an air of mystery.
      • He exudes an air of shyness, mystery and slight menace - not to be confused, say colleagues, with sophistication.
      • The exact fate of the 45 people on board is shrouded in mystery.

  • 2

    • 2.1Cinema

      película de misterio feminine
      película de suspenso feminine
      película de suspense feminine Spain

    • 2.2Theatre

      obra de teatro de misterio feminine
      obra de teatro de suspenso feminine
      obra de teatro de suspense feminine Spain

    • 2.3Literature

      novela de misterio feminine
      novela de suspenso feminine
      novela de suspense feminine Spain
      • Thrillers, mysteries and crime novels are perennial favorites for summertime reading.
      • Further compounding the peril is the fact that this is basically a murder mystery, a whodunit with slasher overtones.
      • The story is a fairly set piece murder mystery, or murder thriller.
      • A murder mystery, the film, however, has a clear storyline and characters.
      • It is not a thriller or a mystery or an action film or a crime film, nor any kind of ordinary drama or melodrama.
      • He may be writing a murder mystery, but his novel is primarily concerned with the nature of small-town America and its particular manners and morals.
      • It's better approached as a comedy than a murder mystery.
      • If you enjoy police dramas or murder mysteries, chances are you will enjoy this.
      • Imagine Eliot then as the villain in a murder mystery.
      • The play now becomes a whodunit murder mystery.
      • This is easily the weakest entry of the four, a murder mystery that all but gives away the solution just minutes into the film.
      • But also, it's a murder mystery, and there may be a ghost, and also a zombie in it.
      • It's science fiction all right, but it's also a character study and a murder mystery.
      • That is why the author, named I in my book, which is also a murder mystery, is dead, and always has been.
      • Why make things more complicated by turning it into a murder mystery?
      • This mystery is a traditional whodunnit, but with a serious vein of social commentary running through it.
      • Meanwhile, Emerson says he's amused by the number of people who tell him they think writing mysteries and thrillers must be a very exciting job.
      • Layered fictions aren't always murder mysteries, of course.
      • Still, a great lead performance and some dazzling visuals will please fans of old-fashioned murder mysteries.
      • It's just another in a long line of rather simple murder mysteries.

  • 3

    misterio masculine
    • Walking through the Stations of the Cross or praying the rosary is another way to contemplate the mysteries of Jesus.
    • In that letter, he added five new mysteries to the rosary, and declared that his twenty-fifth anniversary year would be known as the Year of the Rosary.
    • Does he promulgate new mysteries for the Rosary?
    • Leaks from the Vatican, in anticipation of the document's release, suggest that the Pope will introduce five new mysteries to the Rosary.
    • This is the fourth of the new mysteries of the rosary.
    • Trinity Sunday celebrates the belief in the incomprehensible mystery of God, not only as Spirit, but also as God creator and God incarnate.
    • For a Christian, the answer is in the incarnation: because the divine mystery is made flesh.
    • In him, we can see the ultimate mystery of God in human form.
    • It is the Spirit who inspires our praise of God and brings us into the divine life, that is, into the mystery of God revealed in Christ.
    • It's up to us preachers, ministers, stewards of the mysteries of Christ, to make that transaction.
    • His Protrepticus is a copious source of information about the Greek mysteries, though his wish to represent them as a perversion of Scriptural teachings must have led to misrepresentation.
    • With folded hands, Ashoka begged enlightenment and initiation into the mysteries of the Dharma of Samudra.
    • The two strangers are not serious; there are jests at the mysteries which precede the enthronement, and he is being initiated into the mysteries of the sophistical ritual.
    • This does not necessarily mean that Euripides was an initiate of Dionysian mysteries, or that his portrayal of the god's worshippers (the Maenads) is an honest one.
    • Egyptian mystery religion is basically Greco-Roman mysteries, a series of initiation rites.
    • I think the exact make-up of the triune goddess depended on what city you came from and what mysteries you were initiated in, as well as period as Anna points out.
    • It is a Hindu doctrine Movement, to teach the Universal Law of Creation, revealed by ancient Christian mysteries.
    • Whether or not the bull, tauros, is Dionysius in one of his forms, there is no doubt that the performers link the ritual to the old pagan mysteries.
    • Someone who has knowledge of religious or spiritual mysteries is sometimes called a hierophant.
    • This was the institution of mysteries, with hierophants (chief priests) and torch-bearers complete.
    • Well your interest in the mysteries, rather than in the codified beliefs of religion would put you very nicely in the world of the transcendentalists.
    • To prove its existence in ancient religion he cites the famous passage from Plotinus's Enneads, that initiates of the mysteries must enter them naked.
    • Those initiated into the satanic mysteries were all given some sort of physical mark, such as a claw mark under the left eye.