Translation of mystify in Spanish:


desconcertar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈmɪstəˌfaɪ/ /ˈmɪstɪfʌɪ/

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transitive verb mystifies, mystifying, mystified

  • 1

    dejar perplejo
    I'm totally mystified estoy perplejo
    • The next time you meet some person who is utterly captivated by some undertaking that completely mystifies you, give him the benefit of the doubt.
    • ‘I'm utterly mystified,’ said one bemused spokesman earlier today.
    • On top of that I am also managing a small team whose purpose completely mystifies me.
    • The Crop Circle phenomenon continues to mystify scientists and the public alike.
    • If anything, women are completely mystified by the effect their presence has on men - and get mighty upset if that reaction is missing!
    • Mrs Sharp said she was mystified why people stayed away from the gala concert at the end of the successful festival.
    • As he proceeds, the city's forms and angles confuse and mystify him.
    • Morgan manages to mystify people without even trying.
    • I am personally mystified by an individual who owns a firearm that doesn't work.
    • What mystifies me is who do people like this think they are talking to?
    • I can't figure out why he's popular in New York City, but then New Yorkers still mystify me.
    • However, one thing that does mystify me is that a club could sack their manager and make no public statement on the matter.
    • The things that prompt responses from readers constantly mystify me.
    • How the switch from behind-the-scenes weatherman to on-screen presenter occurred still mystifies John, who lives with his family on the outskirts of London.
    • It mystifies me because I can't understand what is so funny.
    • What mystifies a modern historian is how a corrupt man could suddenly become honest and also become a crusader against corruption.
    • Why you would want to do either, however, mystifies me.
    • Mr Hamilton said he was mystified that police had taken the woman's claims seriously and said it was a great injustice that she could remain anonymous while their faces were splashed all over the front pages.
    • Neighbours were mystified by the killing, describing her as a ‘living saint’ and a dedicated worker for her local Catholic church, St Dominic's.
    • Well, I'm mystified as to how it could have happened.