Translation of mystique in Spanish:


aura de misterio, n.

Pronunciation /mɪˈstik/ /mɪˈstiːk/


  • 1

    (with masculine article in the singular) aura de misterio feminine
    halo de misterio masculine
    • As a child, there was some mystique associated with a power outage.
    • His glamour and mystique remain as potent now as they were at their height in 1921.
    • Much mystery and mystique surrounds opinion polling and focus groups conducted for political parties.
    • Do you ever sit back and laugh at the mystery or mystique that surrounds you?
    • No other sports come close to matching the martial arts for a sense of mystique and mystery.
    • Its mystique and appeal will grow with the passage of time every time you see it.
    • I guess that gave the day something of an air of mystique and charm to start with.
    • Clearly the participating press participates in the inner workings of power and helps create its mystique.
    • He is still shrouded in mystique - but he is no longer quite such a mystery.
    • Having retained its aura of mystique and history since time immemorial, it has become a restful corner in our hectic world.
    • Postal voting removes the aura and mystique of the democratic process.
    • Historical sites of revolutions are often imbued with an aura of romantic mystique.
    • There is a telling difference between a band that strives to be mysterious and one that achieves mystique.
    • The monarchy has not been able to maintain its mystique.
    • We are left with a line-up which is fresh, appealing and not without its fair share of mystique.
    • This was the type of game that makes you believe in miracles and curses, mystique and aura, and destiny.
    • Part of that is her womanly mystique, the undeniable eroticism of the unknown.
    • Today, the difficulty we continue to have in sourcing many Portuguese wines adds to their mystique and allure.
    • It adds allure and mystique to cricket and is great for spectators.
    • Perhaps it is a sign of the home team finally losing its mystique, and most importantly, its aura of invincibility.