Translation of nail bomb in Spanish:

nail bomb

bomba de metralla, n.


  • 1

    bomba de metralla feminine
    • There is no record of nail bombs exploding on the day in question.
    • A nail bomb went off at a nightclub where she was celebrating a friend's birthday.
    • He was involved in treating the 14 casualties from a nail bomb attack, in which two people died.
    • Police have charged a man in connection with the recent London nail bomb attacks.
    • Early yesterday, a homemade nail bomb was detonated at the front of a house.
    • A man hurled a nail bomb into a busy takeaway in a revenge attack after being stabbed there.
    • More than 2,000 people were evacuated from a leisure complex after a hoax caller claimed a nail bomb had been planted there.
    • Police are investigating a fresh nail bomb attack against a chip shop owner.
    • A farmer was injured by a nail bomb containing half-inch nails posted to his home.
    • Fires continued to rage after a nail-bomb ripped through the bar in Soho, London.