Translation of naively in Spanish:


ingenuamente, adv.

Pronunciation /nɑˈivli/ /nʌɪˈiːvli/


  • 1

    • Interestingly, we are not offered a naively romantic picture of her mother's success.
    • I knew the answer to this naively stupid question.
    • Some people would have been naively hopeful that something of the truth would emerge from this.
    • Maybe that is just my experience; perhaps much of the country is repressed and I am naively unaware.
    • Is that not being naively ambitious given the slow machinery of bureaucracy?
    • Kevin naively asks her at the beginning of their relationship to type a manuscript for him.
    • Maybe they naively believe that disputes among allies will quickly evaporate.
    • I also naively assumed that the schedules would help instructors plan classes for the various age groups.
    • We found that nature behaves different than what we - perhaps naively - expected.
    • The style is direct, almost naively simple.