Traducción de nanobacterium en Español:


nanobacteria, n.

Pronunciación /ˌnænoʊbækˈtɪriəm/ /ˈnanəʊbakˌtɪərɪəm/

nombreplural nanobacteria

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    nanobacteria femenino
    • The contribution of nanobacteria to pathogenic bioaerosols, in the view of the authors, must overwhelm all other types of biological particles in the atmosphere.
    • What matters is if we can figure out the association between nanobacteria and kidney stones and develop some kind of countermeasure.
    • The authors of a study published in the journal call for a ‘major initiative’ to investigate nanobacteria.
    • They have an interesting article on nanobacteria.
    • In addition, nanobacteria may be important in clay mineral diagenesis in buried sandstones.