Translation of narrative in Spanish:


narración, n.

Pronunciation /ˈnɛrədɪv/ /ˈnarətɪv/

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  • 1 formal

    narración feminine
    relato masculine
    • These were Maori narratives written and read from the position of living in a European country.
    • Their narratives were accounts of how a democratic state had been achieved.
    • Many narratives have also been written in more conventional language and forms by Aboriginal authors.
    • They opt instead for narratives that tell half of the story and narratives that tell an untrue story.
    • An event occurs, and it slowly becomes encrusted with narratives about what happened.
    • He contends that the mass media help to spread the narratives of history and everyday life which bind people together as a nation.
    • Such grand narratives frequently obscure the sequence of events they are struggling to explain.
    • They also provide a compelling personal narrative of his life.
    • Part of this admirably straightforward narrative was written, but not published, as a study for the commission.
    • Consequently, readers seeking a more traditional chronological narrative of political events might need to look elsewhere.
    • Mixing legend and history, he provides a coherent narrative based upon traditional materials.
    • So in other words, they're using the biblical gospel narratives in a symbolic way in these novels.
    • Similarly, he acknowledges that the slave narratives were always survivors' stories.
    • A realist third-person narrative, its critical irony comes through in the novel's ambiguous, multivalent ending.
    • However, the author's first-person narrative evaporates when the action happens over the horizon.
    • We are even more dependent on Rose's selectivity with the pool of first-person narratives.
    • His prose narratives, too, were bestsellers till the 18th century.
    • The film's narrative tries to uncover just exactly what his role was.
    • There are, then, three narrative strands.
    • A five-minute coda tries to wrap up, while leaving nearly all the narrative threads hanging.
  • 2

    • 2.1(narrated part)

      narración feminine
      • These struggles were only the beginning, as similar feelings about dialogue and narrative nagged the back of my mind.
      • It spools out and out of my mouth, narrative, dialogue and commentary.
      • I was brought in to, essentially, write some voice-over dialogue and narrative for it, to buttress the story.
      • She's very good at dialogue, and the high ratio of talk to narrative is one reason why her stuff is so readable.
      • It is into this chronological narrative that he interlards verbatim dialogue, transcriptions and notations of the songs.
      • The book is a compilation of Biblical narrative, rabbinic legends, prayers, homilies and songs.
      • So, the film is all about the triumph of spectacle over narrative, but sometimes you need just a little bit of narrative to make things worth while.
      • The story CDs, which are on sale over the internet for £9.99, are made up of narrative, rhymes and songs.
      • Though carefully documented, the book primarily weaves strong narratives filled with lively anecdotes.
      • Altogether there are thirty-three narratives and twenty-two opinion statements.
      • These various narratives are weaved in with combat footage and historical analysis.

    • 2.2(storytelling)

      narrativa feminine
      • The short story cycle looks back to oral traditions of narrative while embodying signs of modernity.
      • It didn't just object to certain kinds of story, but to narrative in general as a promoter of illusion.
      • In the realm of mythic narrative, the same stories keep getting reincarnated.
      • His chief area of expertise, and the subject he taught when the School became a teaching department, was oral narrative.
      • That being said, I'm all for a good story, but narrative and story are two different things.
      • But it is the interest in fictional narrative that comes through most strongly.
      • It does this by creating an atmosphere that is closer to poetry than to traditional prose narrative.
      • Just as every story needs a preface, a truly erudite narrative simply cannot do without an introduction.
      • He does not dress them up with narrative; there is no story, just a jangle of exposed nerve endings.
      • You can define narrative to make it the story or to make it the whole, and you can emphasise different aspects.
      • It has lots of different strands of narrative which come together in a complete story.
      • I have lately been thinking about the lasting effects of modernism and science on religious narrative.
      • Perhaps my own tendency to sit with narrative rather than poetry leads me in this direction.
      • Nonfiction narrative is to my mind a higher art because the writer has far more demands put on them by the known facts.
      • When I refer to narrative, I'm talking about story telling and delivery of a story.
      • These pieces depend on narrative for their lives, animated by the stories we tell about them.
      • They have yet to find a way of really telling a good story rather than just using narrative as a vehicle to get them from one visual gag to another.
      • The plot of history may not always be as credible as fictional narrative, but it can be just as fascinating.
      • She says none of the five bite-sized operas is trying to break from traditional narrative.
      • Here is a man who understands the cinematic image, not just as vacuous glamour but as narrative and poetry.


  • 1

    narrative line línea de la narración
    • But that would have been owed to his two great narrative poems, rather than his plays.
    • I would have probably continued reading this for the narrative techniques.
    • But that would have been owed to his two great narrative poems, rather than his plays.
    • Perhaps more surprising than its efficiency as propaganda is the film's excellence as narrative cinema.
    • So it would be okay to inject more narrative drive into the story.
    • A review, like a novel, has a narrative arc to it.
    • You can view the whole thing as performance art with hints of narrative structure.
    • In essence, it is hard to grasp a true narrative thread in this book.
    • But somehow we've lost the narrative thread that ties it all together.
    • As resistant as this is to the imposition of narrative coherence, a feminist ethos is unmistakable.
    • And I am very happy that you like my characterization, and narrative style.
    • His range has expanded into tackling corners of history and mythology through long narrative stanzas and monologues.
    • The first 11 chapters of Genesis are generally taken as narrative history by young earth creationists.
    • Human curiosity seems the obvious answer, and eavesdropping creates that narrative lack which provokes curiosity.
    • A few more narrative tracks would have maybe filled in this information nicely.
    • The middle stretch of poems do have slightly more narrative content or something.
    • The real narrative subtext here is the restoration of family and the recuperation of a nation and its history.
    • Much narrative theory explores different ways of conceiving these variables.
    • She is so incidental in her one narrative appearance that she is scarcely noticed.
    • First, it is too general to be of any use in distinguishing one narrative genre from another.