Traducción de narrow-minded en español:


de mentalidad cerrada, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌnɛroʊˈmaɪndəd/ /narəʊˈmʌɪndɪd/


  • 1

    (person) de mentalidad cerrada
    (person) intolerante
    (attitude) cerrado
    (attitude) intolerante
    (approach) estrecho de miras
    (sectarianism/rationalism/prudery) intolerante
    • The professor also slammed the government's research funding agencies for narrow-minded views on how to train researchers.
    • I'm frustrated with narrow-minded view of history this article represents.
    • On most of the cases that count, she has proved to be anathema to their narrow-minded view of the world and Constitution.
    • Was his mockery of posters encouraging riding a bike meant to appeal to the narrow-minded prejudices of his more polluting punters?
    • Instead they choose to hurt a person who doesn't fit into their narrow-minded view of the world.
    • Because they exploit the fears and incite the prejudices of the narrow-minded.
    • Where have we seen this narrow-minded extremist view before?
    • I think this is a narrow-minded view, with all due respect, that you are holding.
    • It was just sort of a narrow-minded point of view of what would happen.
    • Such a comment betrays an inflexible narrow-minded misunderstanding of our enemies and how to combat them.
    • Laying down a moral code and enforcing it with bans, punishment and guilt, produces petty, narrow-minded people.
    • Visit their website for reactionary, narrow-minded tripe!
    • Hardly the conduct of a sectarian or narrow-minded politician.
    • Some people easily give up a chance or some potential probably because of a narrow-minded and negative point of view.
    • Beneath his bluff exterior, he is a narrow-minded reactionary with merely some financial success.
    • If one remains narrow-minded, ignorant and intolerant of others this dream is impossible.
    • In today's cyber age, people take it as an insult to be labelled narrow-minded for their opinions with obvious bias.
    • Good education, untainted by narrow-minded politicians, provides the basis for a healthy society and democracy.
    • Another downside is dealing with narrow-minded clients who don't allow you to move forward with what is clearly the best strategy for their business.
    • The more selfish and narrow-minded interests are allowed to rule, the fewer good things there are for the country and the citizens as a whole.