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barcaza, n.

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    barcaza femenino
    • The basin fills up with colourful narrowboats from far and wide, and the banks are packed out with the folk who congregate at events such as this.
    • But how back-breaking it must also have been in the past for the two men propelling the narrowboat along its entire length, by pushing at its sides with their legs.
    • In fact, perhaps the only way to make it more terrifying is to walk over it rather than have the comforting bulk of a narrowboat around you.
    • Seventy-two narrowboats blocked the Bridgewater canal in Cheshire in protest at plans to close a 200-year-old shop.
    • There are more narrowboats on the canal than cars on the little road.
    • They plan to start their retirement by spending a year on their canal narrowboat.
    • They don't have narrowboats there so they think our boat is astonishing.
    • In the busy summer months - especially on a Bank Holiday weekend - there can be up to 25 craft, narrowboats and cruisers, negotiating the lock from canal to river, river to canal.
    • The money, which will be allocated over two years, will also provide viewpoints of canal cuttings and mooring points to encourage people on narrowboats to stop off in Hyndburn.
    • Next day was a fantastic, if a little chilly, trip on the Regent's Canal with Jason's traditional narrowboats.
    • Two narrowboats will be accompanying us on the way so we will have somewhere to sleep each night.
    • It will be quite a sight to see narrowboats travelling over the top of the new road.
    • If anyone has ever seen the brightly coloured narrowboats sailing through towns like Lancaster and Skipton, they will know that the restoration scheme should go ahead.
    • The company also has two 30 ft narrowboats which are hired out by the day.
    • But by the time they had entered the pound where the narrowboats were moored, the swan was nowhere to be seen.
    • The event is to be held a little earlier in the year next year and will be centered around the narrowboats which queued up for ages to be blessed.
    • Watching narrowboats passing through the lock in Bradford is one of the town's colourful summer sights.
    • Most of the protestors scuttled inside their narrowboats and waited for the wintry squall to pass.
    • A narrowboat in fair condition would set a buyer back some £15,000 and a licence to use the waterways is a further £300 to £600.
    • She wants to buy a narrowboat to live on, but she is struggling to find a bank that will lend her 90% of the anticipated £40,000 price tag.